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Ski poles are not only accessories, they are entirely part of the skier's equipment. It is therefore essential to take the time to choose the pair that suits you best. Discover the models of the biggest brands specializing in sliding sports equipment! Learn more


Whatever your skiing: slalom, freeride, freestyle, hiking... Discover on Precision Ski a wide range of ski poles for menwomens' ski poles and children' ski poles. You will find different dimensions, materials, designs in order to best meet your needs. The ski club must adapt to each discipline and morphology, in order to make the most of your outing. Discover Rossignol ski poles, a safe and reliable brand 100%. It is therefore important to take the time to browse our entire range of ski poles in order to find the right stick for you. The first factor to consider when purchasing women's, men's or children's ski poles is their size. The latter is chosen based on the size of the person who will use it and their program. You can also opt for adjustable sticks, perfect for alpine or telemark skiers. The washers and straps should also be taken into account depending on your activity. For more details, check out our guide to choose your ski poles


STOVE BOX ROSSIGNOL ski poles have steel spikes to ensure you have an excellent grip on any type of snow. Ultra-strong, they will help you keep your balance and give you great glide comfort thanks to their ergonomic handle. As for the HOT SHOT LEKI ski poles, they are equipped with TRIGGER straps and foam handles to give you a good grip and optimized aerodynamics. In addition, thanks to their tether system, they provide you with optimal safety in the event of a fall. CARBONE TORRENT ski poles are both light and sturdy. These telescopic ski poles are easily adjustable to easily go from the piste to the off-piste. The ATOMIC AMT ski poles and their special piste washers provide you with excellent balance and a good grip. For all committed skiers, gain speed and attack the track with confidence and performance. Finally, META BLACK CROWS ski poles will be effective on any type of terrain. Their freeride-friendly diameter and grip handle will allow you to experience unique powder gliding experiences. Plus, they'll add a pop touch to your ski outfit!

Whether you're looking for ROSSIGNOL ski poles, LEKI ski poles, freeride ski poles or nordic ski poles, find all our models available online and conquer the ski slopes with the right equipment!