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Because it's easier to progress when using the same pair of skis, don't hesitate to offer your little toddlers junior skis , adapted to their size. But beware, as for adults, several criteria must be taken into account to make the right choice. Learn more

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If these are the first skis for your child, opt for junior introductory skis. The all-mountain piste-oriented skis are perfect for making curves easier and bringing a lot of fun to your child, without getting tired. In case your little rider already has the level, as for adults, you can turn to more efficient models. These kids' skis will allow them to start to gain speed, while remaining stable.

But if you have a little daredevil who likes to go in all directions and jump all the little bumps he crosses, do not hesitate to offer him a pair of double spatula skis so that he can have as much fun as he wants in freestyle. As for adults, every child has a pair of skis! For more details to choose your pair of skis, check out Precision Ski's handy guide. 


The junior skis FACTION CANDIDE 2.0 are the famous variation of the skis used by professional riders. These kids freestyle skis have been designed for all champion seeds wishing to play in the snowpark. Bi-spatulés, they are both handy, playful and eye-catching. Very resistant, they cushion receptions and falls and thanks to their directional shape, young riders will be able to send their best tricks! The MANTRA kids VÖLKL skis will allow children to easily go from the piste to the off-piste. Thanks to their double rocker, these skis offer good stability and excellent water buoyancy. In addition, the flat camber makes it easy to turn and hangs to have fun in backcountry! Finally, the TNT SALOMON junior skis will delight the young prodigies of the snowpark. This winter, riders will be able to string tricks on modules and rails with tolerant and responsive skis.