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Looking for a pair of skis without bindings ? Discover all our models of bare skis for men, women and children meeting the requirements of each discipline: piste skiing, freeride skiing or all-mountain skiing. Find THE ski that's right for you and discover new glide sensations.  Learn more


The two things to choose when choosing your snowboarding equipment are performance and safety. Each pair of skis in our selection has been designed to provide inimitable sensations during your descents. Investing in quality ski equipment is imperative to be able to live your passion to the fullest. These skis made by the biggest brands of sports equipment manufacturers will satisfy beginners as well as skiers already experienced. Don't forget to have them maintained regularly to keep a unique glide pleasure. Whether you're looking for men's skis, women's skis or children's skis, you'll find the right pair of skis for your size, level and program. Double spatula skis, freeride, piste or all-mountain, there's something for everyone!  To make sure you don't get it wrong, check out our guide, which will help you choose your pair of skis.  Get your gear ready for your next family stays on Precision Ski! 


For an incredible freeride experience, discover the performance of ATRIS BLACK CROWS skis. Versatile and very handy, they excel on any type of terrain to offer you a unique gliding experience. These non-binding skis are very responsive and provide you with a smooth glide. AS for QST 99 SALOMON skis, they will perform as well in freeride as they will be in ski touring. Full of promise, these freeride skis have been designed for all powder buffs. Reactive, powerful and tolerant, they will allow you to explore the most remote corners of the ski area. FACTION DICTATOR 3.0 skis are high-performance off-piste skis. On the most rugged terrain and the most demanding snows, they will ensure you grip, stability and comfort of sliding. Finally, the MX99 KASTLE skis absorb the vibrations considerably to give you an incredible glide experience. With a good curved hold and a reactivity, these skis are aimed at committed skiers looking for fun and performance.