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To enjoy beautiful days of skiing without compromising your comfort, discover all our ski boot accessories. From protection to boot flaps and boot dryers, gain in comfort and agility thanks to these innovative and essential accessories for your equipment.  Learn more

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The choice of skiwear and ski boots is of course essential to be able to fully enjoy your passion. However, in order to be sure that they will have a satisfactory lifespan, it is advisable to plan some ski accessories which will be very useful for their maintenance.

Among the clever accessories that should always be on hand before going down the slopes are insoles to improve comfort but also to keep the foot in place during descents. You'll also find waterproofing, ski boot buckles and shin guards. All the ski boot accessories on Precision Ski have been carefully selected to optimise your skiing. The soles will help you avoid blisters, limit the feeling of cold and other pains.

You will then be able to ski comfortably, without any discomfort!


Ski equipment maintenance is essential to optimize durability and improve our comfort on the slopes. After a long day of skiing, it is essential to let the ski boots dry to wick away moisture and prevent the development of bacteria. To do this, we recommend the use of the THERM-IC boot dryer. Ideal after a freeride session where you come back soaked, this ski accessory will be very useful. Very easy to handle, just slip it into your ski boots and in just a few hours, it dries completely and noiselessly. This boot dryer adapts to all sizes and can be plugged in in a flash to enjoy beautiful days skiing with dry feet.

The FTE BLACK FLEX 6 FULL TILT tongue have been designed to optimise your ride comfort. Not only do they provide a fluid bounce, but they also offer a softer and more natural flex. They adapt perfectly to your morphology and protect you from various impacts and shocks.

Finally, the CUSTOM FLAG SIDAS ski boot buckles will allow you to customize your boots and ski in style. Very solid, they are made of aluminium and provide excellent support in all circumstances.