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Women's ski boots are available in many styles and colours that suit your needs and tastes. Women often have a thinner foot, so it's important to take the time to select the pair that suits you best.  Learn more


Whatever your level of skiing, a good boot must effectively combine comfort and performance. The choice of a good women's ski boot is essential, and several technical criteria must be taken into account. First of all, the boot must be both warm and comfortable to protect your feet from cold and humidity. Then, the shell of the boot is designed according to the width of the foot. In addition, the hooks offer a more or less precise tightening according to your practice. Finally, the strap and tongue must allow a precise fit and absolute comfort to provide good support and spread power. 

The models featured on Precision Ski all offer great comfort and impeccable technical qualities. Our women's ski boots are specially adapted to your morphology, for optimal comfort. Comfortable and efficient, they accompany you in your daily practice. Here you will find ski boots from well-known brands such as Lange, Dalbello, Rossignol or Nordica. To choose your women's ski boot, consider your type of practice as well as the width of your foot. You will then have to pay attention to your size, the flex index of your hull according to your level, the traditional or thermo-formable foam boot, and the buckle if you want a precise setting. 


ALLTRACK 70 ROSSIGNOL women's ski boots are for skiers looking for maximum pleasure on the piste. Very comfortable, they optimize the power transmission and promote the triggering of turns to gain performance with each descent. This women's ski boot model combines the technical characteristics of a piste boot and a freeride boot. Offering multiple advantages, their disengageable collar allows you to quickly switch from skiing to walking. Women's ski boots FULL TILT SOUL SISTER are freeride ski boots. Designed for the backcountry, they offer a progressive flex and allow you to explore every nook and cranny of the ski area. CUBE 3 HEAD women's ski boots and their generous boot ensure maximum comfort at every outing. Ideal for beginner skiers, they adapt to your level and your practice.  As for the ADVANT EDGE 85 W, they offer maximum fun on the track. They reduce muscle fatigue, provide better control and optimize power transmission. Finally, SALOMON women's ski boots will delight speed enthusiasts on the track. Thanks to their reinforced hull in strategic locations, they increase the sensations of sliding tenfold and asure a smooth and precise ride. For more advice, take a look at our guide on how to choose your ski boots. Also discover our men's ski boots and children's ski boots models.