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Equip your toddlers for winter sports with children's ski boots adapted to their morphology and level, so that they feel good on their skis and keep progressing.  Learn more


Children find it difficult to express how they feel. Choosing suitable ski boots is therefore a challenge! But for the sake of caution, opt for new shoes that will quickly adapt to their morphology, rather than rental models, fashioned from several very different small feet. It is important to equip your blonde heads well before embarking on the slopes or risk stopping at each chairlift for a new adjustment of their children's ski boots. In order to have a pleasant day and all enjoy the snow, check the bindings before departure. Junior ski boots are chosen warm, but also adjusted to the size of your children. Ski socks on the feet, no need to have a size above, it may affect their stability once the skis are worn. Browse our catalogue to find the pair that will be tailored to your child's needs. 


RAPTOR 60 HEAD children's ski boots offer comfort and performance for young aspiring skiers. Tailored for competition, they will lead them to victory thanks to their 4 hooks and powerstrap that ensure maintenance and responsiveness. X MAX SALOMON  junior ski boots offer a narrow boot that optimizes power transmission. Maximizing the sensations of skiing, young skiers will be able to understand the terrain and its terrain with control and precision. Designed for ski racing, LANGE junior ski boots provide responsiveness, precision and bounce at every turn. Race to the finish line and hit the slope to gain performance. Finally, FUN GIRL ROSSIGNOl kids' ski boots adapt to the morphology of the little ones. Young skiers will be able to get on the piste with precision and control thanks to the hull which is in direct contact with the boot.