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Ski piste, all-mountain, freeride or freestyle, to each his program. In order to maximize your comfort and boost your performance, it is important to choose ski boots that are suited to your practice. Ski boots man, woman or child, you will discover all the models of the largest brand for the winter season ! Learn more

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Beginner, advanced or expert, alpine skiing, freeride or freestyle, there is a pair of ski boot for every skier. Ski pleasure, performance or competition, the ski boots need to suit your needs and your expectations. An integral part of the ski equipment, they are indispensable to the practice to enjoy a good day of skiing.

Because you do not miss a single day to enjoy the ski slopes, check out all of our ski boots !


The adventure of the great outdoors, downhill, hot, bowl of fresh air, regardless of what attracts you in the days to ski. To accompany you throughout winter adventures, it is important to select the ski boots man you will agree.

For lovers of space and snowy ascents, check out the ski boots LANGE XT FREETOUR and TECNICA ZERO G. Designed for the freeride and ski touring, they prefer the downhill to the uphill. Lightweight and powerful, they are aimed at good riders looking for a spot secret ! For all demanding skiers who wish to develop on the track, check out the ROSSIGNOL ski boots ALLSPEED will be your best allies. Precise, responsive and comfortable, they have everything to make you live real experiences of gliding. HEAD ski boots ADVANT EDGE has the ability to reduce muscle fatigue thanks to an increased energy transfer. For all skiers who do not wish to choose between piste and off-piste, check out our selection of ski boots all-mountain. The SALOMON ski boots X PRO will follow you on all terrains. They optimize the power transfer to each support to boost your performance in every turn, and enjoy as much of the trail as fresh snow.


Relaxing afternoon or sports day, descents unrestrained or discovery of the area, whatever your practice, it is important to choose women's ski boots are adapted to each program.

NORDICA ski boots SPORTMACHINE will be of the strengths on all terrains. Powerful and accurate, they offer an incredible control on any type of snow. In addition, their soft lining will ensure comfort all day long !

For hooked in freeride, the ski boots TECNICA COCHISE will be of little jewels. Light, flex of 105 will be very appreciated by the skiers experts seeking performance above all. Insulation, they offer you incredible feelings of control during each run. In addition, their neat design and aggressive look will appeal more to a !

To all the contestants, the HEAD ski boots RAPTOR certified FIS (International Ski Federation) will be able to meet the expectations of the most demanding. Designed specifically for running, they are a maintenance without flaw, and possess multiple reinforcements on pressure zones to focus solely on the race.

Design, colors, technology, comfort, have as many features to take into account before you embark on the trail !


Because skiing provides unique sensations, there is no age for starting to feel ! Check out our selection of ski boots child for a maximum of pleasure and comfort.

The kid's ski boots ROSSIGNOL cater for small skiers. Ensuring a good maintenance of the foot with warmth and comfort, these shoes will be small advantages to enjoy the first delights of the ski ! For all the young skiers who wish to continue in the competition, the shoes HERO WORLD CUP in the lead up to the victory thanks to the Sensor technology Inside, for maximum power and control.

Of the first descents in the competition, there is only one step !

For transportation, comfort or to optimize your performance, Precision Ski has selected a range of accessories for your winter sports. Strap, bag, ski boots, insoles, optimize your comfort to spend days of skiing at the top !

Piste Ski, freeride or freestyle, whatever your program, it is important to choose the right ski boots. A purchase to be risky may have several consequences : discomfort, insecurity, or even loss of self-confidence. Check out our guide to choose your ski boot. Check out all of our ski boots to spend a winter season as well as comfort and performance ! Whether you're looking for women's ski boots, men's ski boot or children's ski boots, take a look at all our models online!