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You are leaving soon to take advantage of the powder snow that has just fallen ? Make sure that your ski equipment is complete by navigating through the various section of this page. Learn more

Your ski equipment on Precision Ski

For your skiing and achieve good performance, make your choice from a selection of ski equipment of high quality. Piste Ski, freeride, freestyle or hiking, Precision Ski offers ski in a pack, or naked, for all disciplines, all levels and all sizes.

It is important that your equipment is adapted to you and your program. Precision Ski provided to help you make the right choice for your ski purchase through its different guides to choose your ski equipment.

Don't forget the accessories ski essential

The bindings and the ski poles are part of the indispensable equipment, which is available on Precision Ski, that it should not be overlooked. These accessories will allow you to take advantage of better stability regardless of your discipline, preferred.

Also check out our range of ski boots comfortable, available in famous brands such as Rossignol, Lange, Salomon and Head. And to keep both the style and the feet warm, remember to choose the right après ski to finish off your day in comfort.

The ski boots : from simple ski boots can transform a heavenly stay in hell if you're not comfortable in it. So take the time to choose ! The points to check ? The bootie on the inside that must be comfortable and able to drain moisture properly ; the loops that must be able to be adjustable by a simple pressure ; the rigidity of the hull, which should allow you to feel your foot maintained without it the compressed (remember that the cold will increase stiffness !)

The ski poles : To find out if they are the right size, hold them upside down, tip up. If you put your hand under the washer, your arm should form an angle of 90°.

The main types of Ski

In the first place your skis, of course ! Depending on your level, you will need to think of their arches, their edge, their size (generally speaking, if you are comfortable with, it is advisable to choose the skis a bit bigger than you), the setting value of the setting ....

Do you seek advice from an expert if you are concerned to deceive you !

The skis are parabolic

Maybe they are those on whom you have learned to ski, and who, after having been shunned in the early 2000s, are now experiencing a new craze among the sports nostalgic. Their beautiful curves and their comfort in curves appeal to many purists.

Freeride skis

The freeride is a style of life which is claimed by a population that is growing more and more. It requires a specific hardware, which is much larger than the classic skis.

The touring skis

This is the major mode of in recent years : conservation awareness is growing and a real need for a back to nature feel. Seal skins and bindings are specific to the appointments and have seen a very nice evolution in recent years. Find our section ski touring.


The origins of the ski

The oldest skis were found in Russia near Lake Sindor, and date back 6000 years.

Difficult to know if it was a means of locomotion or ritual objects.

In Sweden and Finland, the soldiers were fighting with the ski and were fearsome warriors ; in all logic, it is in the countries of the North to the harsh temperatures that the skiing and sliding sports were best developed and had progressively taken their current format.

Before the Belle Epoque, the small Norwegian patinaient from the age of three or four years, and the entire population was the majority of her moves on ice skates !


The skiing these days

Did you know ? The word " ski " is a very long time, declined in the feminine ! Up to 1876 it was referred to as " ski ", and this is only the beginning of the twentieth century that the word lost its final " e " and became masculine.

The developments that have seen the skis in the past decades to get to those that you now know are absolutely spectacular ; the first winter Olympics in Chamonix have yet developed the keen interest of the general public to the sport of gliding, which were hitherto reserved for the public to be very regional.

This accessibility to a wider audience has created requirements and encouraged the designers to develop new forms of sports so that everyone finds his happiness in the snow-covered slopes.