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Your child will go hiking for the first time and you don't know what shoes to buy? Thankfully, Precision Ski has selected children's hiking shoes for you from the leading mountain sports specialists, in order to offer you the models most suitable for small hikers. Learn more


The kids are full of energy! It is therefore essential to choose good hiking shoes to minimize the risk of injury: burns and other frictions, sprains... Junior hiking shoes have a specific boot to support the foot and ankle. Brands like Salomon and Adidas use only the latest technology to ensure maximum safety for your children. If you're going to opt for the most aesthetically pleasing shoes, you're on the wrong track! Children's hiking shoes should be strong first and foremost. The models we have selected have a soft sole to respect the proper unfolding of your child's foot.

Soft but technical soles! In order to frequent various and varied terrain, a good grip on the ground remains essential. Finally, think about the waterproofing and insulation of the shoe. Once these features are taken into account, you can select the prettiest pair, much to your child's delight.


TERREX SNOW ADIDAS children's hiking shoes are ideal for children to play for hours in the snow. Protecting children's feet in all circumstances, these winter shoes offer a very good grip even on snowy trails. THE SPEEDCROSS J children's SALOMON shoes will allow children to overcome all obstacles with grip and confidence. Thanks to their Sensifit system, the feet are very well maintained while offering great freedom of movement. Ultra-robust, these children's shoes are for all little adventurers! Finally, EURO SPRINT TIMBERLAND children's shoes are perfect for your winter hikes. With an ultra-strong outsole and a leather rod, they hold the foot perfectly and allow you to walk wherever you want! Effectively absorbing shocks, they will be the best allies of children!