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Very practical and cozy, the junior sweatshirt is ideal to give your children total freedom of movement. Well in their clothes, your children will be happy to practice their favorite activities, while being comfortable.  Learn more


Casual and comfortable, the junior sweatshirt is perfect for letting off steam. At school and outside, sweatshirts are worn on every occasion. Practical, it makes you feel comfortable, while determining your child's style. Find our colourful selection with chic and funny patterns on Precision Ski. Now a must-have, the children's sweatshirt can sport different cuts: hoodie, zipped will delight your children and teens all year round. In winter and for outdoor activities, opt for a more technical fleece sweater, breathable and water resistant. 


The children's sweatshirt THE NORTH FACE DREWX PEAK is a classic of the brand for younger guests. Very comfortable, it has a high collar to effectively protect from the cold and wind. For everyday life as for outdoor activities, it offers a great freedom of movement. The HEAD RACE HOODIE JUNIOR hoodie will delight ski racing enthusiasts. A cozy nest, it is as good for going to school as it is for chilling after a good day of skiing. As for the PICTURE ORGANIC hoodie, it combines comfort, warmth and respect for the environment. Made from organic cotton, it respects nature but also the skin of children. Finally, the ROLLING ELEMENT children's sweatshirt provides a sportswear look with its 90s-inspired cut. Sweet, your children won't want to take it off!