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The second layer of good mountain sports wear, the junior fleece is essential to protect your child from the cold. Whatever its activity at altitude, summer or winter, your little adventurers must be properly equipped. For this, nothing is more effective than the 3-layer system ! Learn more


Essential when skiing or other outdoor activities, the children's fleece jacket protects against the cold while being light and breathable. Worn over a child's technical underwear, the fleece maintains body temperature, while effectively evacuating sweat, so as to stay always dry and not catch cold. This garment also has the advantage of being compressible and therefore taking up little space in a backpack. Find on Precision Ski a wide range of warm, stylish and comfortable children's fleece. Available in a wide range of shapes and colours, the children's fleece sweatshirt is one of those basics that can be taken anywhere and that always render us great services.


The PG SLOPE O'NEILL children's fleece has been designed to bring maximum warmth to young skiers. Very nice to wear under a ski jacket, it offers good insulation combined with a great freedom of movement. In addition, its rising collar will be a real bulwark against the frigid wind and the cold winter. In addition, the ROSSIGNOL children's fleece jacket is very soft to have a warm winter. On the ski slopes as on a daily basis, this children's fleece effectively regulates the heat to allow children to play for hours in the snow without catching cold. As for the junior fleece RIP CURL MICRO FLEECE, it will be a small cozy nest to face the weather and extreme weather conditions. Fully zipped, it has flat seams to reduce the risk of irritation. Finally, the THE NORTH FACE fleece jacket OSOLITA is made of soft fabric offering great freedom of movement. Ideal for your children's snowy adventures, it's very hot and will follow them even on the ski slopes!