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Ski gloves are one of the must-have accessories in winter sports. In this category you will find a wide variety of children's ski gloves designed to withstand the elements and accompany you throughout the winter.  Learn more


If you are looking for the best heat intake for your child, we advise you to opt for a pair of junior mittens. Their fingers, protected in the same space, will retain heat better. The mittens are also easier to put on in the hands of the smallest skiers. 5-finger children's gloves bring more freedom and are better suited to sunny days. For young competitors, choose a pair of children's ski racing gloves, which will protect them from different shocks, thanks to reinforcements and protections.

With a synthetic or leather mitt or glove, you'll find a wide selection of junior ski gloves on Precision Ski, selected from the biggest winter sports brands, to give toddlers the warmth and comfort they need. In addition to being very effective against the cold, our gloves are available in multiple colors, in order to match the rest of the child ski outfit!


STYL CAIRN junior ski gloves are comfortable, waterproof and breathable. Thanks to their leather palms, they ensure durability and warmth in all circumstances. Weather the weather and make the most of your skiing days with quality technical gloves. For the competition, discover the LEVEL JUNIOR'S RACE ski mittens. Designed for budding skiers, they will protect them and allow them to attack the slalom poles with confidence. Ensuring warmth and breathability, they will be valuable allies on the track. RACE COACH LEKI children's ski gloves are for all champion seeds. Ultra-resistant, they fight the cold and humidity to offer a high level of comfort. Finally, the LINDSEY VONN REUSH junior ski gloves have multiple reinforcements on the phalanxes to protect your hands during ski competitionsThermal supply, comfort, breathability and durability, you can't do without them!