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The women's vest is ideal to accompany you in all your outings. Whatever the season, this garment adapts to all climates. With a hood or low collar, zip or buttons, Precision Ski offers different models for all styles! Learn more


The advantage of a women's vest is that it can be used as a side garment, whether it's putting under your suit in preparation for a ski session in particularly bad and cold weather, or after sports, by the fire, for a moment of relaxation well-deserved. If you choose it in black, it can match all your outfits and come to complement them harmoniously. The colorful, patterned vests will be perfect for bringing a touch of joy to your look.

The TONI SAILER jacket is very stylish and will go perfectly with your everyday outfit. Controlling moisture, it keeps you dry throughout the day. The RAGWEAR women's vest is made of organic cotton to respect your skin and the environment. Vegan, this women's tops fully lined polar will be a real cozy nest for the frigid days. Finally, the SUPERDRY vest combines the softness of a women's sweatshirt with the performance of a down jacket. Very comfortable, it can be worn in a sweatshirt as well as under a jacket to face the harshest weather conditions.


Lighter, the summer waistcoat is ideal for evenings, worn over a pretty dress or tank top. Long or short, long-sleeved or 3/4, opt for the one that goes perfectly with your outfit. We've selected bright, bright colors that will brighten and refresh your style. Take a look at our women's vest set to complete your outfit! 

The PICTURE ORGANIC women's sweatshirt combines style and comfort. Made from organic cotton, it reduces the carbon footprint and helps protect the environment. The sportswear style of this zipped sweatshirt is ideal for cool summer days or to play a game of beach volleyball on the beach or to share an evening around a campfire. The RIP CURL vest gives you a trendy bohemian chic look for summer. Its flattering casual fit reveals your figure while embroidery proudly adorns this feminine and elegant style. Finally, the ABK women's vest accompanies you on a daily basis in all your outdoor activities. All cotton, this long waistcoat is very soft for the skin and will follow your every move for maximum freedom of movement.