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The women's ski beanie is appreciated for several reasons: in addition to keeping warm, it protects the head from small falls and adds style to the skier's outfit. To keep your body at the right temperature throughout your stay, don't go out without your Ski Cap from Precision Ski. Learn more


Covering your head and protecting it from the cold is essential at altitude. Indeed, the frigid temperatures in the mountains can quickly spoil a skiing holiday. If the skier is not comfortable, he will not be able to fully enjoy his stay. Covering properly is therefore an imperative to hurtle down the slopes without being hampered by the weather conditions. In the event of a benign fall, the ski cap is able to lessen the shock. Also in the event of an accident, the cap prevents the skier's head from coming into contact with the snow. This keeps the body warm.

In addition to its practical qualities, the women's ski cap is a fashion accessory in its own right. To stylize her outfit, nothing better than a women's cap to hurtle down the slopes with panache and originality. In order for every woman to be able to find the ski cap that suits her, manufacturers are continually designing new accessories to suit each woman's style.


Precision Ski, your specialist in equipment and clothing for snow sports, offers for sale many ski beanies for women. The shop selects for you the best products from the biggest brands. Take advantage of our ongoing promotions to equip yourself from head to toe before climbing on your skis this winter. Adorned with a beautiful pompom, discover the BOGNER ski beanie. Made of wool, it captures your body heat and removes excess moisture. The EISBAR women's beanies will protect you elegantly from the cold and stay in place when you hurtle down the slopes in style. The LEDRAPO headbands made in France and their polar lining will be a real barrier against the cold. Finally, for a maximum of style at the snowpark, discover the comfort of a PICTURE ORGANIC balaclava. Very effective for periods of extreme cold, it stays in place when you send your best tricks.