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Whatever your skiing or snowboarding, don't neglect the under-clothing women's technique . At the end of the day, when your body starts to cool down, following your efforts, you will understand the usefulness of this textile, a part of the system of the system of 3 layers . Learn more

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A true second skin, women's ski underwear will keep you dry. Indeed, the breathability of this first layer allows to efficiently evacuate the sweat and thus protect you from internal moisture and cold. They then act as a thermal regulator thanks to their new synthetic fibres or merino wool. The close-to-the-body cut and elasticity of women's thermal underwear gives you total freedom of movement, so as not to interfere with your performance.

Although synthetic women's technical ski underwear has a more attractive price, merino wool underwear will appeal to the most demanding skiers, thanks to their softness and anti-bacterial properties. Consider checking the small options in these clothes. Some offer "thumbs-up passes" for easy threading of your polar woman, others are also treated anti-odor. These details can make a difference at the time of purchase. 


The ODLO women's technical underwear is designed to protect you from the winter chill and maximize your comfort. Draining moisture outwards, it captures body heat and keeps your body warm and dry. Without a seam, you won't feel any discomfort even when you move. The UYN women's technical underwear will be an ally for all your sporting activities. Worn by the world's largest ski teams, it refreshes the body continuously while respecting your anatomy. Rectifying posture, it also reduces the risk of cooling and limits odours. The EIVY sport bra is light and breathable. This EIVY underwear designed for discerning sports cars is made without frames for optimal comfort and a feeling of freedom. Finally, the KARI TRAA technical garment is ultra feminine and will delight skiers looking for a cool and stylish top.