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The  women's fleece  is the second garment that makes up the system of 3 layers . It is therefore important to choose it carefully so that it brings you all the necessary benefits in order to spend a pleasant stay in the mountains. Find the biggest outdoor brands and choose a comfortable, technical and stylish fleece jacket.  Learn more


Worn over a women's technical underwear, the second layer is essential when skiing or snowboarding. It will bring you the heat that will allow your body to stay at a suitable temperature. Women's brand fleeces are equipped with high-tech materials that, in addition to keeping your body at room temperature, effectively drain sweat and dry quickly, so as not to catch cold.

These new women's winter sweaters are both lightweight and durable. You will be able to stay free of your movements, and enjoy your activity to the fullest. Precision Ski has selected a wide selection of women's fleece for you. Although they are very technical, these clothes are also adapted to your morphology and the tastes of women, to combine aesthetics and performance. For your enjoyment, you'll find colorful, solid or patterned fleece jackets to match the rest of your outfit. You can also opt for a garment with a zip opening, so you can open it if you're too hot. Indeed, you have to take into account the different thicknesses of fabric, to choose the fleece that will best fit your output. 


The TONI SAILER jacket is ideal for wearing in a second layer under a women's ski jacket. Ultra chic and technical, it has padded panels that provide highly effective insulation and breathability. The ICEPEAK women's fleece KALEY and its slapped zipper is both stylish and very comfortable. A true bulwark against the cold and wind, it offers a sporty, stylish and colorful look. And thanks to its high collar, no flakes will come to refresh you! The pretty PROTEST women fleece is very hot and is doing well in town as in the mountains. Essential for spending the winter in a small cozy nest, it ensures you have real cocooning moments. Finally, the INGLISA AIGLE polar jacket is very pleasant to the touch. With Primaloft insulation and Thermo-Kit technology, fight the cold elegantly and enjoy a great day on the slopes.