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Flip Flop, sandals, tap slats or sneakers, men's summer shoes are a must for periods of high heat. Resistant, colourful and adhesive, men's flip flops work just as well with a boardshort as they are with jeans.  Learn more


If you haven't already, it's high time to start taping, flip flops or slash. Whatever name you give it, they will accompany you wherever you go! For the summer, flip flops will be the most pleasant shoes to wear throughout the day. Offering both comfort and freedom, they will be the perfect companion for your feet.

Having become a real fashion accessory, men's flip flops are worn both in the city and at home and have the distinction of being very practical to put on to go to the beach. Our flip flops come in multiple colours. United, two-coloured or printed, you won't be able to do without it. Depending on your tastes and desires, you will find models more comfortable than the others for this summer.  Browse Precision Ski's men's flip flops page to find THE pair that matches your look for this summer!


The OAKLEY men's sandals are a must-have for summer. For the pool as well as the beach, these taps will accompany you everywhere. Thanks to their ergonomic plantar base, these man sandals also carry themselves in the city while absorbing shocks with every step. THE HAVAIANAS espadrilles will be very trendy for the summer. These men's sneakers can be worn with shorts or chino and give you a neat and casual look. Very pleasant to wear, they are light and ultra-strong. To color your days and make your feet dance, opt for HAVAIANAS flip flops or SUPERDRY men's flip flops! True fashion accessories, they have pretty canvas straps and will effectively dress your feet. Finally, VOLCOM men's sandals are both cool and comfortable. To stroll around town as well as the beach, put on these modern and stylish taps that will match with all your outfits.