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Essential accessories for everyday life, men's socks are now a trendy and aesthetic accessory that we stop hiding. When it comes to going to the office or for outdoor activities, the choice of socks is paramount.  Learn more


You often neglect the choice of your sport socks when hiking or any other outdoor activity. However, it is the only intermediary between the foot and the shoe and this neglect often causes various very unpleasant ailments such as friction, blisters and other burns.

For cycling enthusiasts, check out OAKLEY cycling socks. Very robust, these men's socks ensure a continuous transfer of humidity in order to accompany you even in the most intense sporting efforts. Drying quickly, enjoy excellent pedaling comfort at every outing. THE RAIDLIGHT men's socks will be appreciated for everyday life as well as for your morning runs. With Coolmax technology, your feet stay cool and dry with each stride. In addition, they have multiple reinforcements reducing friction and the risk of irritation. As for the FOX mountain bike socks, they will be ideal for drivers looking for comfort and performance. Breathing, they have anti-humidity and odour-free properties for maximum comfort. Thanks to their arch support and flat seams, they reduce fatigue while alleviating irritation. 


VANS low socks and invisible fit are ideal for summer shoes. Very comfortable, they stay in place in your sneakers or loafers so as not to sweat feet. SUPERDRY men's socks are perfect for winter in boots. Very hot, they maintain body heat so they never get cold on your feet! Finally, CARHARTT socks have an anatomical shape to fit perfectly into the shape of your feet. Staying in place, they allow you to move freely.