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Whether you're a street culture lover or a mountain enthusiast, it's essential that you keep your lower body comfortable. It's not just about choosing the right model of men's pants or shorts , but also whether you're comfortable in your underwear, both in the boxer's and socks. Learn more


An essential piece in your wardrobe, men's jeans are a timeless classic. Constantly revisited every year, the jeans combine style and comfort to meet everyone's expectations. SUPERDRY DRAWSTRING jeans are very comfortable for your day. With an elastic belt and tight ankles, it stays in place to keep you free of your movements. OAKLEY jogging has anti-sweat technology that's ideal for your sports activities. As for the PICTURE ORGANIC CHILL jogging pants, they can be used for your workouts as well as for chilling with friends at the skatepark. Very comfortable, you can't do without it. 


For the summer, drop the pants and proudly show off your calves! The RIP CURL men's shorts, it will allow you to have fun in the water and then go for a walk in the city while drying. As for the CARGO shorts VOLCOM, it is very convenient to carry only the essentials in your travels. In addition, its loose fit gives you a lot of freedom of movement. And for your seaside holiday, don't forget to pack a boardshort! The HURLEY boardshort with its floral and tropical print gives you a surfer look. Made of recycled polyester, it reduces the ecological footprint and allows you to get a little closer to the waves. Finally, the PICTURE ORGANIC boardshort and its elastic waist will stay in place so you can tame the waves during your surf session.


Men's boxer or socks, find here comfortable and durable models for your everyday life. OAKLEY men's socks have multiple reinforcements at the heel and toes. Maximizing your comfort at every step, you can enjoy outdoor activities without worrying about your comfort in your sneakers. The PULLIN boxer is both very comfortable to wear and breathable. Thanks to its extra-thin seams, it reduces the risk of friction and irritation.