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The ski jacket for men must protect from the snow and cold, avoiding the accumulation of sweat, keep the body in seconds, Depending on the climatic conditions and the use (recreation, racing , cross-track or off-track...), the manufacturers offer men's technical clothing that is tailored to each situation. Precisionski provided to help you make your choice by showing you the right criteria for an acquisition that is appropriate to your needs. Learn more

The ski jacket is a fundamental part of your material accomplished skier ; His purchase can only be done lightly and requires a true reflection. Nothing worse that a ski holiday has been spoiled by a jacket to be wrong, badly cut, uncomfortable, or not hot enough.

For you to avoid these disadvantages, here's a quick round-up of men's jackets available, so that you can choose in a blink of an eye the ski jacket will fit your needs.

The waterproof ski jacket man

The impermeability of the ski jacket for men is measured in Schmerber mm. Textiles are tested in the laboratory and the performance of the membrane is considered to be superior when it reaches or exceeds 10 000 mm. A good waterproof is essential when the contact with the snow is common (skiing for beginners, off-piste, powder) or in the presence of an environment of ski hard (melted snow).

For the intense practice : good breathability

The big efforts to cause sweating, which must be evacuated by the ski coat man. Textiles and membranes, such as Gore-Tex, keep dry in sports activities intense. The principle is simple : they have pores smaller than a drop of water, but let the molecules of water vapor. We recommend, therefore, a transfer index higher than 8 000 grs/m2/24h.

For more details to choose your ski wear, don't hesitate to check out our different guides to choose your ski jacket.

The ski jacket traditional

It is the ski jacket is the most commonly widespread, it exists for years and has proven itself over time. It is characterized by an unbeatable quality-price ratio. It offers enough space to vary the intermediate layers : c in peace : this  is well designed, it can be used as well in the spring with a simple t-shirt in the winter with layers of big sweaters for the more timid.

To ensure their waterproofness, the zippers of the jackets traditional are most often equipped with bands that are impervious. Simple but effective technologies that ensures the seal of your coat. Just like the ULTIMATE SNOW SUPERDRY ski jacket for men. Both technical and stylish, it has many features to keep up with the entire ski area. 

The ski jacket 3 in 1

If you would like to test the tracks out of our borders, in countries with minus temperatures warmer than France, the ski jacket traditional will not allow you to enjoy your stay and peace of mind, and you might grelotter on your chair lift.

Therefore, we advise you to opt for a jacket with 3-in-1 : as its name suggests, this technical ski jacket is composed of three distinct layers, which are superimposed for a perfect waterproofness, and maximum comfort. Each of the layers can be used individually according to the use you will make of your jacket. This garment is modular, so that you can face all the situations in pleasant conditions. The surveste waterproof breathable fabric will protect you from the moisture, the jacket intermediate will enhance the temperature of your garment and the inner jacket removable allow an additional comfort if the temperatures continue to drop.

The jacket harshell

Designed for the most advanced skiers who scorn regularly the marked trails to go confront the freeride and mark their imprint in the uncharted territories, the hardshell jacket (hard outer shell) adapts easily to temperature the most severe. We advise you to head over to the jackets hardshell specialized for ski touring.

Even more warm and comfortable than their equivalent for the classic ski, they will allow you to discover new territories in ideal conditions.

The fashion minut

Regarding the colours of the jackets, know this : the colors " flashy ", very fashionable in recent years are more so in the trend : since 2018, we note on the tracks more jackets in neutral colors : grey, navy blue etc That said, you are free to you if you wish to opt for a ski jacket very bright color, this will allow your group to spot you from far away !

Men's Ski Jackets

For maximum style on the slopes, adopt the NAIKOON PICTURE ORGANIC men's ski jacket. Ideal for freeride sessions, it has all the technical features to protect you from the weather and natural elements. Snow skirt, waterproofing, breathability, water-repellent treatment, this jacket is a real technological concentrate. As for the ROSSIGNOL 1907 ski jacket, it is equipped with high quality down insulation to cope with all weather conditions. Fully waterproof, comfortable and very stylish, it offers functionality and elegance in all circumstances, to be worn both on and off the slopes. For a 100% rider look, discover the INS GORE-TEX VOLCOM men's ski jacket. Thanks to its breathable membrane and its multiple vents, you can spend the day in the snowpark while staying dry. In addition, its Low-Loft insulation guarantees a continuous heat supply so that nothing stops you! Finally, the MAN SOFTSHELL VUARNET ski jacket with its stretch fabric is for committed skiers looking for comfort and performance. Very technical, it is cut to face the most extreme conditions.