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To reduce your ecological footprint, rethink your hydration! Discover the isothermal bottles and gourds of the French brand LES ARTISTES PARIS. Made of stainless steel, these reusable bottles contribute to the preservation of the environment and accompany you on all your travels!  Learn more


Every year, more than 500 billion plastic bottles are produced worldwide and then disposed of, drastically increasing the amount of waste. However, a simple and economical alternative is possible, the use of reusable bottles. It is from this dizzying constant that the French brand LES ARTISTES PARIS has decided to act for the planet and the environment by reducing the production of plastic with the slogan "Reuse is reduce".

The environmental impact of the consumption of plastic bottles is catastrophic, that's why LES ARTISTES PARIS accompanies you in your daily life and reduces your ecological footprint with innovative and clever solutions! During your outdoor activities, your travels or your outings, discover the brand's entire collection of isothermal water bottles, bottles and beverage cans and make a gesture towards the planet. Their unique and trendy design will colour your days while reducing waste to bring you hydration solutions. LES ARTISTES PARIS offers original and reusable containers in favour of ecology and the reduction of plastic production and therefore waste.


Offering a design inspired by a can, the LES ARTISTES gourd PULL CAN IT with its pretty tropical print will take you on a journey with every sip! Easy to hold, it is watertight thanks to its silicone seal and retractable spout. Impossible to put a drop on the floor! In 500ml, the ZEBRA isothermal can will keep you hydrated at all times. Equipped with a double stainless steel wall, it is unbreakable and keeps your drinks cool for up to 10 hours.

The LES ARTISTES PARIS bottle BOTTLE UP is easy to slip into your handbag or sports bag. At the office or during your outdoor activities, it keeps your drinks hot for 12 hours to enjoy a tea or coffee at any time of the day. What's more, this isothermal bottle has a double wall combined with a hermetic cap that allows you to move around freely while enjoying an eco-responsible and sustainable product.

The BOTTLE UP 280 ml water bottle is environmentally friendly, isothermal and unbreakable at the same time. Very stylish, it retains neither taste nor flavour and contributes to the preservation of the planet. Indeed, it is infinitely reusable thanks to its very resistant stainless steel. What's more, it keeps your hot drinks hot for 12 hours and your cold drinks cold for 24 hours thanks to its timer cap, so you no longer lose track of time!