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Whether you're looking for a hiking backpack , a bag for the trail or a bag for trekking, discover all our outdoor backpacks. We have selected a wide range of brands specialising in outdoor sports, all with a passion for nature and the outdoors.  Learn more



During your outdoor escapades, technical equipment is essential to enable you to reach summits. Whether you go hiking, travelling, trekking or camping, the backpack allows you to have your equipment at hand. Discover all our backpacks for adventure.

Thanks to its numerous storage spaces, the hiking bag is very practical, allowing you to carry your water bottle, your walking sticks or your sleeping bag. The hiking bag has plenty of storage space. The hiking bag has a lot of storage space, allowing you to move around freely and meets the needs and expectations of both amateur and expert hikers. For all lovers of wide open spaces and nature, we have selected a large collection of hiking bags to follow you on your outdoor adventures.


In the mountains or in the countryside, a hike is ideal for a breath of fresh air and a change of scenery. But you have to be prepared for an adventurous hike! To cope with the unexpected, you need to protect yourself in the event of sudden climate change. Or to overcome obstacles on steep trails. It is therefore advisable to have a backpack to carry mountain equipment. There are several criteria to take into account when choosing your bag.

Whether you are going on a day hike or a multi-day hike, the equipment needed is not the same. Depending on your activity in the mountains, you will need a tent for the bivouac. Or hiking poles or a survival kit if you are in the middle of the forest. Discover all our models of backpacks for hiking in the mountains.

If you are going hiking or camping, a good backpack big enough for a sleeping bag is recommended. You can also store your tent in it or hang it on your back and carry camping accessories such as a stove or survival kit.

For a long trek, trekking requires a technical backpack with multiple straps. To face steep terrain and anticipate the roughness of the trails, equip yourself with a trekking bag that is both versatile and comfortable. The trekking backpack must be technical, efficient and allow you to take your equipment with you wherever you go. To take your hiking boots, water bottle or spare gear with you, discover all our backpacks and the most popular outdoor brands such as Osprey, Deuter, or millet.


The AETHER 60 OSPREY hiking backpack has been designed to meet the needs of backpackers. Ultra robust and durable, it will follow you on your next outdoor expeditions. Thanks to its back panel AntiGravity™ 3D, it distributes the weight of the bag evenly. It thus offers excellent stability, resulting in good walking comfort. In addition, this hiking backpack optimises air circulation and keeps you cool and dry. Ideal for carrying your sleeping bag, your running gear or your hiking boots, it has a flap FlapJacket™. Thanks to this protective cover, you can carry your hiking equipment safely in this large hiking backpack. Face the climate change with confidence with this Osprey backpack. Carry your camping gear, trekking gear and even your shoes. More than just a simple hiking backpack, it will meet the needs of all backpackers. With Osprey, go on an adventure!

The UBIC 60+10 MILLET hiking backpack perfectly meets the expectations of the most demanding hikers. Entirely waterproof and breathable, it is very functional and has multiple pockets to hang your equipment. Equipped with ergonomic shoulder straps and a load booster, it allows you to fully enjoy the landscape during your hike. Finally, this bag has technical features to follow you during your ski, ski touring and trekking outings.

As for the FUTURA 30 DEUTER backpack, it will suit hikers looking for a typical mountaineering backpack. Thanks to its narrow shape, it will allow you to travel on narrow routes to reach the peaks. This hiking backpack has two separate compartments to efficiently organise your camping or trekking gear. Its Aircomfort System back panel optimises the air circulation to increase comfort. This trekking backpack will accompany you on your outdoor outings thanks to its numerous features.

For a trek on the other side of the world, discover the  TERRA 55 litre THE NORTH FACE travel bag. Equipped with the Dyno Lite System™ technology, the weight is very well distributed in order to fully enjoy your trek. Its back panel is made of breathable foam and mesh to keep your back dry and cool. It will maximise your comfort while travelling. Carry your climbing, mountaineering, outdoor shoes or camping equipment. This hiking bag will meet all your needs.

If you are looking for a trail running backpack, have a look at all our brands!