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Founded by a skateboarder for skateboarders, the HUF brand is inspired by vintage collections and offers a wide range of clothing combining design and comfort. Thanks to its many cultural and graphic inspirations, HUF stands out in the urban board sports market.  Learn more


In the early 2000s, Keith Hufnagel, a great skateboard enthusiast, decided to create his HUF brand. In the 80's, skateboard culture was seen as a misunderstood counter-culture but today, it is a real way of life that has been built around this sport. In 1992, Keith Hufnagel moved to San Francisco and started selling products dedicated to skateboarding: clothing, boards... In order to live from his passion, he decided 10 years later to create his own brand, HUF. Inspired by the needs of skateboarders and anxious to contribute to the lifestyle and streetwear market, the brand is constantly innovating in order to offer resistant, durable and original collections. Today, HUF is a brand that belongs entirely to the world of urban board sports thanks to the combination of comfort, design and style of each garment. 


For all-weather skating, choose the HUF Hoodie or the HUF QUAKE USA long-sleeved t-shirt. Very comfortable, its vintage look is perfectly in line with the summer trend. Not only does it follow your every move, but it stays in place to accompany you during your days at the skatepark. Make the rails and modules shake with the HUF t-shirt QUAKE BOX LOGO! Chain up the tricks and tame the urban sidewalks with a stylish and daring graphic top. Grab your board and go ride new spots without compromising your comfort or style. Finally, the HUF cap STREET CAT will allow you to let your animal instincts speak for themselves on the board! Thanks to its ventilation eyelets, it keeps you cool and stays in place to protect you effectively from the sun's rays.