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Sublimating our eyes for decades, RAY-BAN sunglasses are timeless. Vintage, classic, seductive, each frame promotes freedom while ensuring an inimitable style. Discover the models of sunglasses that have made the brand famous and adopt the RAY-BAN look! Learn more


The creation of the RAY BAN brand has its origins in 1853. Two opticians, John Jacob Bausch and Henry Lomb want to create the very first sunglasses. It is the U.S. Army that will then boost their research and development by requesting the manufacture of protective and enveloping goggles for its air pilots quickly dazzled at altitude. This is how the famous AVIATOR sunglasses model was born. These mythical RAY BAN sunglasses will be worn over the course of the century by soldiers but also by the biggest Hollywood stars. In the 1950s, the RAY BAN brand wanted to expand its range and created the WAYFARER model, which was also quickly adopted by actors and pop culture stars.  freedom to express oneself through original and very trendy models. 


Timeless, mythical and stylish, RAY-BAN sunglasses have seduced entire generations. It is thanks to AVIATOR sunglasses that the BRAND RAY BAN has made a mark on the history of eyewear. Having become a fashion icon, this frame is a true fashion accessory. Light, enveloping and vintage, these mixed glasses blow a breath of freshness and freedom on your eyes.

Having changed the history of optics and seduced the most fashionable celebrities, the legendary WAYFARER sunglasses from RAY BAN are back this season. A true success story, this frame has a slight inclination to the front for a chic urban style in all circumstances.  Sold all over the world, these cult RAY-BAN glasses will elegantly dress your eyes.

RAY BAN NEW WAYFARER sunglasses are both sober and bold. This variation of the famous WAYFARER glasses fits perfectly in line with the brand and the current fashion scene. Offering rounded lines and a wide visual field, they effectively protect you from the sun's rays while ensuring the RAY BAN style!

RAY BAN CLUBMASTER eyeglasses provide a cool yet vintage look. Its clean lines combined with a lightweight frame offer a unique look that appeals to the many.