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Simple, functional and respectful of the environment, the clothes PATAGONIA reflect the values of the creator and his will trigger an environmental conscience. Thanks to its innovations, the brand team athletes and nature enthusiasts with tissue responsible for the future of the planet. Learn more


The Californian brand PATAGONIA is first and foremost a story of an enthusiast of rock climbing on cliff. Palm Springs to Yosemite, Yvon Chouinard travels spots, climbs the most impressive and the most mythical. In order to take advantage of a climb over several days, a special hardware was necessary, and, more particularly, the pitons, steel. Nicknamed the “Valley Cong, Yves Chouinard and his friends fuck climbs on rock, cliff and waterfall of ice in the shelter of the glances while continuing to pursue their production peaks. In the 70s, the practice of climbing is increasingly popular and Chouinard Equipment quickly becomes the first u.s. provider. Very soon, the company becomes aware of the degradation of rocks due to the peaks, weakening the sites. In its first decision in favour of the environment was to launch out in the manufacture of nuts of aluminium. At the same time, a whole catalogue of clothing climbing sees the light of day in order to propose a complete equipment for the discipline.

The brand PATAGONIA is best known today for his willingness to practice climbing while respecting the environment and preserving natural landscapes. Each garment is made of material recycled without compromising on style or comfort.


Since its creation, the brand PATAGONIA has never ceased to innovate in terms of durability and comfort for its products. Concerned about the respect for the environment and our impact on the earth, the californian brand has set a goal to bring people closer to nature while minimizing our ecological footprint, but without ever any compromise with the style. Its eco-friendly clothing to take decrease our footprint and maximizes your comfort.

This summer, don't forget to pack in your suitcase the shirt PATAGONIA STEERSMAN. Very light, it will be ideal in high heat. Decorated with buttons made of coconut shell, it wicks moisture away while carrying you in a universe of tropical far ! For your afternoon in altitude or your days climbing, opt for the t-shirt man PATAGONIA FITZ ROY. Manufactured without any toxic substance, it respects your skin and will follow you in all your outdoor activities. For a hike or a climb on the cliff, the pants PATAGONIA VENGA ROCK will meet your needs. Offering maximum comfort and freedom of movements thanks to its cutting preformed, it will be a real asset to your next adventures.

For a walk along the shoreline or traverse the steep trails, you will fall for the dress PATAGONIA AMBER DAWN. It has pretty straps on the back and will put your silhouette in value. As for the tank top woman's PATAGONIA ALPINE VALLEY, it will delight all connoisseurs of outdoor activities.