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Inspired by pop culture and the creativity incipient 2000s, the brand SPRAYGROUND is the work of artist David Ben-David. Wishing to palliate the side of restrained bags, he decided to launch in 2010 its brand of luggage storage. Functional, graphic and original, bags SPRAYGROUND feed on pop culture, street and of the rebellion of the youth. Learn more


Founded in 2010 by David Ben-David, the brand SPRAYGROUND advocates the freedom of expression and creativity with style and humor. Revolutionizing the luggage storage, SPRAYGROUND dresses your back with a backpack original and robust. Linking up collaborations with designers, graphic artists and athletes, the brand never ceased to bring passion through collections. Truly forward thinking brand, SPRAYGROUND sharing his influences in painting come from the Bronx and its culture skate. Become a true iconic brand, SPRAYGROUND has pushed the boundaries of creativity and has put a dent in the gloom daily. Its backpacks are functional and very stylish are real fashion accessories that you can take it everywhere.


The SPRAYGROUND travel bag SHARK IN PARIS will ensure you a trendy style during all your travels. Strong and durable, it will protect efficiently your business thanks to the large main compartment water-resistant. In addition, its adjustable straps allow you to wear it easily. The SPRAYGROUND backpack BITCOIN will show your next bling bling. This backpack street design can accommodate a laptop computer. In addition, it has a back panel, and padded shoulder straps to maximize the comfort of walking. As for the bag, SPRAYGROUND RED LEOPARD, you will not pass unnoticed when you have on the back ! Water-resistant, your business will be well protected, but in inclement weather and sudden. Reflecting the pop culture that inspired the brand, this backpack will allow you to express your rebellion in any circumstance ! Finally, the bag SPRAYGROUND SHARKS IN PARIS CROSS is very convenient for not a lot of clutter. Lightweight and functional, this bag banana to the printed trend and trendy will allow you to take the essentials when you stroll. Very resistant, it can be worn around the waist or shoulder, to maximize her style !