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Combining quality materials and technologies, ROHNER socks reflect all the know-how of the swiss brand. Created nearly 150 years, the mark ROHNER takes care of your feet, and you guarantee warmth, comfort and durability. Learn more


The swiss company ROHNER was founded in 1873 by Jacob Rohner who has eight machines to stitch. Its business of manufacturing of socks combines expertise and quality. Indeed, ROHNER socks are designed to accompany you in a multitude of sports with robustness and comfort. Thanks to its circular knitting machines and the careful choice of materials, ROHNER and reflects the swiss know-how for your feet. Today, the brand ROHNER revolutionized the winter sport activities. Insulating body heat and evaporating the sweat, the socks ROHNERsont real allies to gain in performance and comfort on the ski slopes.


Theski socks child ROHNER CAROLINA are comfortable and warm. Ideal for the practice of winter sports, they will protect them from the cold and moisture the feet of the young skiers. Hand-made, they have an edge without stitching to reduce irritation and discomfort. Its fabric sponge padded provides maximum warmth and comfort throughout the day of skiing. The junior ski socks ROHNER PENGUIN are ideal for a snowball fight ! Hand-made, and wool, they will maintain the little feet hot to play all day in the snow. No sewing, no risk of irritation even in the snow boots. The ski socks mixed ROHNER TOURING HIGH TECH have been designed for the practice of ski touring and snow-shoe walks. Offering exceptional comfort, they keep you warm while absorbing the shocks. In addition, they possess multiple channels of ventilation to evacuate continuously the humidity. The tips and heels are equipped with the technology Profilen, which reduces the risk of bulb. Finally, the ski socks, woman ROHNERCAROLA are hand-made and possess a flat peak to maximize the comfort and to significantly reduce the irritation to the bottom of the feet. Designed in virgin wool, they offer a perfect fit and a heat in any circumstance to face the winter conditions with tough.