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Because the soul of a champion begins with the choice of its equipment, check out the underwear brand's technical UYN . Equipping the greatest skiers international, they combine the latest technology with exceptional comfort. Respecting the skin, they take their inspiration from nature to help you in your future sporting challenges. Learn more


Launched in 2018 by Trerè Innovation, the brand UYN is one of the largest manufacturers and specialist of functional textiles. Since 1950, this family owned company continues to invest in research and development to deliver quality products that meet the trends of the time. Always at the forefront of the technology, the company now has a true centre of research in order to adapt its products to the requirements of the current disciplines.

Brand new on the market of the sports, outdoor, UYN differentiates itself through its innovations. Synchronizing the nature and the human body, the products UYN adhere to the skin and offer incredible performance for the outdoor activities. Regulating body temperature and improving the comfort during the movements, UYN accompanies you in each of your disciplines. Their first layers are of a true concentrate of technology that combines the integrated nature and technical characteristics. Lightweight, comfortable to wear and limiting odours, technical underwear UYN revolutionize our movements and our relationship to the sport.

Pronounced “win”, the brand aims to help practitioners to move beyond without ever losing their motivation. Each day is a new challenge and the products UYN put the bar very high. Combining revolutionary features and innovative materials of high quality, you will pass for sure the finish line !


Functional and high-quality technical underwear UYN cater to amateurs as well as professionals. Sporting achievements or personal challenges, UYN accompanies each athlete in reaching their goal and surpassing oneself.

The range VISYON has been designed to provide comfort and well-being in all situations. Optimizing a good posture, check out the UYN women's thermals LADY VISYON. Following each of your movements and respecting the skin and the anatomy, it moves with you and keeps you cool the body during intense efforts.

The technical underwear UYN AMBITYON offer natural fibers and a regulation exceptional to the body heat. Protecting the body of the cooling, they keep the muscles warm, and have a multiple reinforced areas thermally.

Specially designed for ski teams national, such as Austria, the United States, Italy or France, check out the range UYN NATYON. Worn by the greatest international athletes, the technical underwear UYN NATYON will lead you to victory ! With a effect of compression and targeted a technicality exceptional, they keep the body warm while wicking moisture away. Ensuring a great freedom of movement, they respect the skin and their fabric without seams offer dynamic lines on the functional areas.

As for UYN ski socks, they boost performance while maintaining a high level of comfort. Their multiple points of compression and grip dynamics allow them to stay in place while supporting the movements.