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With visor integrated to the ski helmet with viso of the brand HMR are a true concentrate of technology and experience craftsmanship. Very stylish, they protect you on the slopes of the shocks thanks to their robust shell. This winter, trust the know-how Italian ! Learn more


Created in 2005 by the family Rizzitiello, the Italian brand HMR has today become a reference prestigious in the manufacture of ski helmets. True, a small business, the skilled labor, HMR illustrate the Italian know-how. Attention to details, research and development, but most importantly the desire to offer a high-end product to accompany the skiers in their days.

The brand HMR combines the accurate choice of materials with the latest technologies and experience on a small scale. In order to acquire this unique know-how, HMR designs from A to Z products, from drawing to graphic design through to finishing. The helmets used in skiing visor with a built-in will be trendy this winter.


Entirely hand-made, the helmets of ski HMR mix design, protection and elegance. Very robust, they have an ABS shell that is strengthened for effectively protecting you from shocks. Thanks to their ventilation system, they keep your head cool and dry by wicking continually moisture. In addition, for optimal comfort, the helmets HMR have a pad with essential oils in order to guarantee you a perfect hygiene and a scent all day long.

The ski helmet HMR H3 ELEGANCE SHOVEL EIFFEL has a nice band tricolor leather on the side. A true nod to the France, this high-end model will ensure you have an incredible elegance on the slopes. To give you a maximum of comfort, this headset has ear cups removable and an inner lining treated anti-bacterial. In addition, the varnish is completely sustainable for every downhill ski to be a little more respectful of the environment.

Ode to the Italian art, the ski helmet woman HMR H3 ELEGANCE many emotions ROMA will take you to travel each time you wear it. Absorbing the energy of impacts, it protects you with elegance, class and distinction. Fully covered with nice pu leather, it is treated with a dwr finish to keep its charm, and its design under any circumstances.

Very design, their visor for ski helmet integrated offers a panoramic vision unbeatable. Ideal for wearers of glasses, it can be removed by a single click in order not to lose a single second of gliding ! Change at will visor HMR for effectively protecting you from the sun's rays and anticipate every terrain on the track.