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The Swedish brand EIVY combines technology, comfort and printed for women. Created by a passionate about gliding, the technical underwear EIVY accompany you at altitude for optimum protection in all circumstances. Learn more


Founded in 2009 by Anna Visit, the Swedish brand EIVY is a condensed version of his personality and his passion for the sport of gliding. Snowboardeuse professional and fashion designer, Anna Visit wishes to combine fashion and technical expertise in creating products stylish and with many features. EIVY is a brand created by a passionate and passionate ride wishing to renew their wardrobe with the technical products are colorful and functional.

Very trends, technical underwear EIVY will allow you to ride on the track and off-track with confidence !


The clingy woman EIVY ICECOLD WINTER is very pleasant to wear under a ski pant. For the female, this sub-technical garment woman beautiful grounds to stay feminine even to winter sports. This first coat is both warm and breathable as it regulates effectively the body temperature. In addition, it offers a great freedom of movement thanks to its flat seams and fabric elastane.

For a look that's very cat-like, fall for the sub-technical garment woman EIVY ICECOLD WINTER HOOD. Featuring a hood and a high collar, it protects you stylishly from the cold and wind of winter. Combining looks and performance, it guarantees you total freedom of movements. Its slim fit will highlight your silhouette in value while regulating continuously the excess heat. Thus, you stay warm and dry throughout your session of skiing !

For keeping in all circumstances, the vests EIVY will be your best allies. Both breathable and lightweight, it offers support to any test for your sports activities. Without a frame, it ensures the rapid drying for maximum comfort.

Finally, for optimal protection against the wind and the cold, check out the softness of the hide-and-neck EIVY NECKWARMER COLDER. Both feminine and functional, it has everything to please. Odor resistant, it keeps you warm while removing effectively the moisture.