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Iconic brand of the 70's, MOON BOOT has revolutionized the holidays to winter sports. With a rising stem to protect them from the cold, the MOON BOOT après-ski offer a grippy outsole the terrain more slippery. Their glamorous look mythical returns this winter and will be a model ultra tendency to adopt ! Learn more


It is the first step of man on the moon that will trigger it. In 1969, while Neil Armstrong crowd on the moon, Giancarlo Zanatta in Italy decided to create the brand MOON BOOT. Heir of the brand TECNICA, it launches out in the manufacture of after-ski chic and stylish look that is cosmic. At this time, the winter sports are in full swing and people are equipped to go strutting at the foot of the slopes.

Flagship model and precursor, the MOON BOOT can withstand even the harshest weather extremes. Design, trendy and comfortable, after-ski MOON BOOT quickly became objects essential for the winter. After a decline in sales in the 90's, the Italian brand is back on the front of the stage with his know-how and his model always also iconic.


Boots of legend, the après-ski MOON BOOT combines technology, comfort and elegance at the tip of the foot. Very trends this winter, agree with all of your outfit for a total look cosmo-boots.

Easy to put on, the ladies boots MOON BOOT NYLON are a timeless model. Launched in the 70's, they have a rising stem soft providing a lining warm for winter. More girly, the apres-ski MOON BOOT VINIL and their glossy effect provides you with a neat look thanks to their Polish metallic. In addition, their rubber sole will allow you to tackle the terrain more slippery.

Decorated with a beautiful synthetic fur, the MOON BOOT shoes MONACO offers you a great look very refined. Their warm inner lining of felt will be a small nest and a real barrier against the cold. Fully waterproof, take a stroll regardless of the external conditions.


For toddlers, the Italian brand has created the junior boots MOON BOOT CRIB. Ideal for your winter walks, the babies will have the feet warm in their stroller. Because there is no age to make her star on the slopes, check out the after-skis child's MOON BOOT STAR. Stellate, these boots will provide your children comfort without limit throughout the day. In addition, they adhere to the ground more slippery to walk safely. More classic and timeless, the kids boots MOON BOOT NYLON will be the perfect allied of the small adventurers. Your children will spend hours playing in the snow without ever getting cold !