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All from the Snow Business, the creators of the brand EASY SNOWBAORDS know the market of winter sports. Enthusiasts of skiing, they decided to share their experience and their adoration of snowboarding by creating boards snowboarding for all levels and terrains. Learn more



Founded by passionate glide, the brand EASY SNOWBOARDS was created by visionaries looking to revolutionize their sport. Regardless of your level of snowboarding, EASY SNOWBOARD has got to have the plank you need. Freestyle, freeride, all-mountain, each board is accessible and conveys all the know-how and the passion of the slides. Each plate of snow is a concentrate of technology to bring the riders to their favourite playground.

From the classic to the most technical, every snowboard EASY SNOWBOARD has been designed to provide you with a unique experience to glide on any terrain.


The snowboard man EASY SNOWBOARDS WALLRIDE is a board freestyle for all fans of huge. Send your most beautiful tricks in confidence thanks to this board good pop and smooth transitions. Nimble and explosive, it will allow you to let go of and to gain in performance with every release.

The snowboard woman EASY SNOWBOARDS HUNTRESS board is an all mountain for fun. Very pleasant to each output, it is ideal on any terrain and will allow you to go from the track to off-track in a blink of an eye.

For all fans of freeride and fresh snow, let yourself be seduced by the snowboard EASY SNOWBOARD ORIGIN. Its shape in Pow-Directional will allow you to drag in powder with the stability and maneuverability. Very robust, its quality of slides will be appreciated by freeriders the most demanding. Powerful and responsive, it will take you out of the snow courses still virgins !

Finally, the snowboard EASY SNOWBOARD WOMAD is a board passe-partout. Its shape twin-tip will be effective on all terrains to ski the most beautiful slopes. With good buoyancy, the backcountry will no longer have secrets for you. Rigid, powerful and efficient, you'll go spot by spot in search of new sensations.