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Based in Annecy, the French brand DIEZZ you team for the winter sports with helmets and ski masks quality. Thanks to their visor integrated helmets ski DIEZZ provides you with a better visual comfort to you launch an assault on the ski slopes. Learn more


The French market Leader in helmets ski with visors, the brand DIEZZ is recognized for its know-how and its innovations. Specialized in the manufacture of helmets and ski masks, DIEZZ revolutionizes your days gliding with quality materials. Discover new sensations on the track as off-track thanks to products of technology and comfortable. Your outputs skiing will never be the same !


The ski helmet DIEZZ JOZZ will be your best friend for your adventures snowy. Very comfortable, it follows each of your movements without any discomfort. Robust, its ABS shell absorbs shock and protects you sustain any falls. In addition, the ventilation system allows for optimum air circulation throughout the day.

The ski helmet with visor DIEZZ GLIDE and his visor photochromic assure you a field of view optimized to anticipate the contours of the track. Ideal for wearers of glasses, his visor adapts to the change of brightness for good visual comfort in any climatic condition. In addition, it protects against shock and keeps your head cool while wicking moisture away.

Finally, the ski helmet DIEZZ LOUNA 2 will meet the expectations of skiers to the most demanding in search of performance. Thanks to his visor photochromic integrated, it adapts to the brightness and allows you to ski in any condition. In addition, its ventilation adjustable rapidly evacuate moisture to keep your head cool and dry throughout the day.