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For more than 40 years, the brand FRITSCHI put to the service of skiers, while its swiss know-how to revolutionize backcountry skiing. With touring bindings and light and powerful and strong knives to any test, launch an assault on the slopes icy to reach the summits. Learn more



Founded in 1960 by Albert Fritschi, the swiss company FRITSCHI is specialized in technical equipment for ski-touring. Bindings for ski touring, crampons, FRITSCHI accompany you up to the top with products technological of high quality. Thanks to its many innovations, the swiss brand has revolutionized the ski-touring by creating products that are functional, durable and long-lasting. Passionate about the alpine environment, FRITSCHI shares his swiss know-how and expertise to make you live a unique experience of ski touring. Each output freeride, gain agility, stability and power for each ascent and descent gives you incredible sensations.

Reliability, safety and functionality are the watchwords of the brand FRITSCHI. Putting everything in place for skiers to evolve in the mountains safely, FRITSCHI meets the highest requirements of the discipline. After 40 years of expertise, the brand is continuing its innovations in the swiss alps, to accompany you on the most beautiful peaks.


Distributed worldwide, the ski bindings FRITSCHI are essential to connect the shoe and the ski, and to optimize the transmission power. The touring bindings FRITSCHI DIAMIR TECTON are both light and strong. Avoiding nuisance tripping, they provide you security and stability. Limiting the losses and lateral forces, they are very safe for you to live days unique gliding. Safe and efficient, the bindings FRITSCHI will lead you ever higher.

The knife FRITSCHI TRAXION is designed to evolve on icy terrain and steep. Thanks to their depth of grip is adjustable, you gain the safety and confidence even on frozen surfaces or on uneven surfaces. Easy to install on the fasteners, they will be needed to reach remote places in the mountains.