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Inspired by the skate scene, the German brand RAGWEAR has strong values and in line with the current world. Respectful of the environment, it is the very first brand streetwear vegan . In addition, she refuses to employ children to manufacture its clothes. Creating sustainable clothing, innovative and stylish, it will accompany you in all your adventures daily ! Learn more


Created at the end of the 90's, the German brand RAGWEAR has upset the textile market. Inspired by the planet street and snow sports, the collections are bold, original and functional. Founded by Holger Brodkorb, the brand innovates in its infancy and developing sustainable clothing, resistant and high quality for the skateboard. Little by little, RAGWEAR seduced by her attention to detail and his originality. Consistent with the expectations of the greatest number, the clothes RAGWEAR today are characterised by the use of materials which are non-animal. First brand streetwear vegan, RAGWEAR vehicle values, protection of the environment and proves that a other consumption is possible thanks to products that are certified by the association PETA (For a Ethics in the Treatment of the Animals).

In addition, RAGWEAR would like to give the example by refusing to exploit children in the production of its clothing. Faithful to its image and its values, the brand has never ceased to fight for the respect of human rights.


Of wooden buttons, collars original, modern cuts, clothes RAGWEAR surprised by their boldness. Created without animal material, they are in total harmony with the environment and respect your skin. Designed to accompany you in everyday life as during your adventures, the clothes RAGWEAR provide style and comfort in any circumstance. At each collection, the brand demonstrates creativity and innovation with an attention to detail that has made its reputation.

Has both original and comfortable, check out the t-shirt RAGWEAR MALINA. With pretty wooden buttons in the back, it is made of cotton for maximum comfort and softness. This winter, protect yourself elegantly from the cold with the pull RAGWEAR MEDA. Thanks to his pass crossover enhanced, it will be a real bulwark to the outside elements. For your outdoor sports like for a Sunday cocooning, adopt-the jogging RAGWEAR CHESTER. The tracksuit pants will follow each of your movements in order to optimize your comfort.