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The mark SNOWLINE will be your best ally during your winter hiking trails. The chains for shoes SNOWLINE have studs ultra stable and resistant to allow you to tackle the terrain icy, steep and snowy. Learn more


Established in 2005, the brand SNOWLINE is specialized in the development and studs anti-ice. Easy to install on your winter boots, these snow chains allow you to walk on the ground frozen and unstable. Simple to use, these chains have spikes adherent and very robust, adaptable to all models of shoes. Created for the professional and accessible to all, these ice cleats enable man to face all the natural obstacles without any risk of falling. On the frozen ground, icy and snowy, they provide stability and security. Also performing for your life for a nordic walking, you will be able to understand the field and launch yourself confidently on the slippery conditions.


The snow chains for shoes SNOWLINE CHAINSEN PRO will accompany you in your quest of vertices. These chains have spikes made of stainless steel with strong rust-resistance. Very stable, they will allow you to slide into the slope and climb the slopes more steep, and jellies. The studded snow SNOWLINE CHAINSEN TRAIL are designed for practitioners of trail in winter. Ultra stable, you can easily evolve on passages of the ice or firn with confidence. Anti-slip, the channels are flexible and provide you with a place's natural foot. Finally, the strings to shoes SNOWLINE CHAINSEN LIGHT are very light. the spike system high stability and very durable, you will climb the summits and to avoid any risk of slips and falls.