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Go to the conquest of the coldest places on the planet with the jackets of the brand CANADA GOOSE . Inspired by nature and designed to protect even the most extreme conditions, the jackets winter keep you comfortable and heat in any circumstance. Aesthetic, resistant and long-lasting, they will be your best allied in order to face the freezing cold ! Learn more


Founded in 1957 in Toronto, the brand CANADA GOOSE is today a reference in the outdoor-clothing high-end. At the heart of the frozen lakes and large forests, snow-capped, Sam Tick founded Metro Sportswear and specializes in making clothes for the fight against the mass of polar air. Then in 1970, his son-in-law that is going to revolutionize the enterprise by using a machine of padding down in order to maximize the comfort and the warmth. In the 80s, the CANADA GOOSE team of scientists from the Antarctic to withstand the extreme temperatures of the coldest place on the planet. Subsequently, parka Big Mountain is the emblem of the brand through a mountain climber, becoming the first canadian to climb Everest in 1982. In the 2000s, Canada Goose remains a family business and continues its conquest of the sports of the Great North with racing sled dogs in the Arctic.

Combines an incomparable know-how, first-class quality materials, as well as resistance and long-lasting durability, the coats Canada Goose are pushing the limits of the cold and accompany you in your conquest of land ice.

Since 2007, the brand Canada Goose participates in the protection of the environment by working with Polar Bears International. Each sale contributes to the conservation of the habitats of polar bears.


The canadian brand is primarily a story of passionate outdoor. Each jacket Canada Goose reflects the values of the brand, combining respect for the environment, surpassing of oneself, and inspiring adventure.

Inspired by nature, check out the model LANGFORD. Thanks to his cut mid-thigh, stay warm during your urban adventures and outdoor. Protect yourself elegantly and resist extreme temperatures up to -25°C ! With the technology Arctic Tech parka LANGFORD keeps you warm and dry while withstanding wind and moisture.

To face the cold of the everyday, the CANADA GOOSE will cater to all your needs. Protecting up to -10°C, its slim fit will be very appreciated for all your travel needs. Thanks to its fur and duck down, it provides unbeatable protection, combining comfort and aesthetics. This men's jacket CANADA GOOSE will be a real shield against the cold urban.

For the more cautious not wanting any compromise with their style, go crazy for the parka woman CANADA GOOSE SHELBURNE. Decorated with a magnificent fur on the hood, it protects from the cold while maximizing comfort and the heat. Thanks to its quilted finish, it offers a high compressibility and optimum distribution of the heat.

Designed for the scientists and the extreme climates of Antarctica, choose the model EXPEDITION. Go with confidence to the conquest of the land frozen as yet unexplored and icy surfaces. Protecting up to -49°C, this jacket will accompany you in all your adventures the most extreme. Due to its coyote fur and duck down, treat yourself to the best natural insulator in the world.