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Founded by a passionate motocross, the brand SEVEN IDP team drivers with protections, strong and durable. bike helmet gloves mountain BIKING, you will find all the necessary for speed and agility at every turn. Learn more


Created by the american rider James Stewart, the SEVEN IDP is primarily the mark of a passionate motocross. In collaboration with the best athletes of the discipline, clothes, and protections of the SEVEN are addressed to the amateur as well as professionals. Thanks to his competitive spirit, James Stewart is determined to design protections for all drivers, and unsurpassed quality. Creative and visionary, mark SEVEN IDP pushes the boundaries of the discipline and allows pilots from around the world to enjoy their passion and improve their performance at every turn statement. Combining technology, design and comfort, the protections BIKING SEVEN IDP will allow you to beat the lap times to gain confidence in you.


The SEVEN MTB helmet M1 TACTIC is both lightweight and durable. Its polycarbonate shell protects the rider from shocks by absorbing impacts and remaining well in place. With multiple ventilation holes, it wicks away moisture and optimizes the flow of air. Its padded foam created a barrier and prevents the infiltration of debris. The SEVEN MTB gloves TRANSITION will maximize your steering while optimizing your agility and your dexterity. Real second skin, these BIKING gloves and their palm perforated to allow good air circulation. In addition, their cup-shaped, and their fingers silicone offer a grip perfect to effectively negotiate the turns. The SEVEN helmet M5 is designed for enduro and cross-country. For a more or less intensive, this headset is ideal for pilots who want a lightweight and ventilation developed. With 14 vents, it keeps you cool and dry during physical exertion. In addition, its polycarbonate construction absorbs shock and perfectly covers the back of the head. Finally, the support ankle SEVEN is a protection MTB essential to protect your ankles in case of a fall. Placed on the malleolus, it covers the exposed areas and absorbs the impacts thanks to its internal foam flexible.