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In 2015, a passion for sports, outdoor, Jerome Twink, decides to create his own brand of technical clothing. In order to fight against the cold, muscle fatigue, and thermal differences, the brand SKEN offer apparel and under-layers equipped with the latest technologies to maximize performance and gain comfort. Learn more


Founded in 2015 by Jérôme Minet, the brand SKEN reflects the passion of its creator for the sports, outdoor and speed. Wishing to to revolutionize the comfort of the athletes and improve their performance, the clothing SKEN are a concentrate of technology. Specialized in technical clothing for motorcycle and snow sports, the brand SKEN is to listen to the users and their needs in order to maximize the innovation of its products. Inspired by different sports, outdoor, SKEN created technical garments that combine lightness, breathability and fit. Acting on the postural correction, temperature control and compression, they accompany the athletes to optimize their performance while providing them with all the necessary comfort.

Several technologies have been used to design these clothing techniques :

- the technology of Tight compression Fit is designed to get a fitted fit, close to the body while providing excellent comfort during exercise sports. The compression system is designed to maintain the muscles to limit the vibrations and reduce muscle fatigue. It stimulates the oxygenation of the muscles and is recommended during long stress.

- thermoregulation-Warm Fit aerate the producing zones of heat and protects the body areas exposed to the cold. This technology maintains body temperature by wicking sweat responsible for the sensation of cold.


To confront the weather and enjoy your activity outdoor favorite without getting cold, check out the underwear ADVENTURE PANT. With panels micropolaires, they participate in the regulation of body heat fighting the thermal differences. In effect, they warm the body while removing effectively the moisture. In addition, the seams of the pants ADVENTURE PANT are positioned strategically so as not to hinder you in your movements.

A thermal protection, a reduction of muscle fatigue, keeping the body heat, the pants SKEN accompany you in your outdoor activities boosting your performance, regardless of the weather conditions.


A ski, bike or hike, the cold weather can be a factor in muscle fatigue, energy drop and brake at the effort sports. Subject to temperature changes, our bodies must cope with feelings of cold constant. To cope with the weather conditions the more extreme, the SKEN technical underwear will participate in the regulation of body temperature.

The sub-layers ADVENTURE TOP have been designed to enable you to brave the cold winter and the negative temperatures. Very soft and comfortable to wear, they are equipped with panels micropolaires warming the body throughout the day. They improving your performance by aerating the areas generating sweat and reducing muscle fatigue by combating vibration.

Thanks to the anti-bacterial and QuickDry, stay warm and dry with a cloth touched soft stretch that follows your every move, whatever your activity outdoor.

With drivers supported in its team, the brand SKEN continued its innovations in continuing to involve their athletes in the design of his clothes.