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In summer as in winter, the sun is responsible for many of the damage of the skin, in particular ageing. During every exposure to the sun, use sun creams and care vitamin SOLEIL NOIR. Adapted to each skin type, check out the care that suits you and enjoy every sunny day ! Learn more



Has the sea or the mountain, in summer as in winter, regardless of the time of your exposure to the sun, skin protection is essential.

Vitamin D, also called sunshine vitamin, has virtues that are crucial for our body. Stimulating our immunity, our brain and our heart, exposure to sunlight a few minutes a day is so necessary for our health and our morale. But be careful ! If you do not protect your skin, the sun will be so dreadful, in particular due to ultraviolet radiation. Penetrating into the epidermis, they are at the origin of skin problems (premature aging, allergies, cancer...).

Avid fan of activity in outdoor or love the afternoon chill, you will not resist forever the call of a sunny day ! You to stay 10 minutes, 1 hour or a whole day in the sun, never neglect the importance of the protection of the skin.

The trademark SOLEIL NOIR has become a reference in the market of sun protection. More than a simple brand of sun cream, SUN BLACK factory genuine care for the skin. Combining its expertise and its innovations, the brand takes care of your skin for more than 20 years. Accompanying you during your holidays and excursions in full nature, products SOLEIL NOIR greatly reduce the consequences of sun on your skin.


Because each skin is unique, each product SOLEIL NOIR is intended to be a type of particular skin. With care vitamin, of sunscreens with SPF (sunburn protection factor), SOLEIL NOIR anti-sunburn, aging of the skin and infra-red. With an approach that is pleasure, the brand products are very easy to apply and smell good for the holidays !

For the skins very clear, check out the solar cream SOLEIL NOIR SPF 50 CREAM + STICK. This cream two-in-one will allow you to apply on your face care active anti-age but also a stick to protect your lips from the sun.

For the for light skin, the skincare CREAM + STICK SOLEIL NOIR index 30 will be ideal during your days skiing. It's the anti-oxidants fight lasting the factors responsible for the aging of the skin. In addition, water-resistant, so you don't waste a drop !

And because the lips are also exposed to the sun, it is essential to protect them for drying out. To do this, use the stick to lips SOLEIL NOIR SPF 30. Easy to slip into the pocket of your ski jacket, apply it several times a day, even on the ski lift ! With a protection of SPF 30, it will protect sustainably your lips while the moisturizer.

Products SOLEIL NOIR, they are small formats, bring in your travel bag, as well in the tropics than at the foot of the snow-capped peaks ! For your next vacation, check out other products and facials on our site !