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On artificial wall or on a cliff, climbing requires physical skills allied to high-quality technical equipment. Specializing in the manufacturing of climbing ropes, mark BEAL founded in grenoble-Isère, is today the world leader on its market. Ropes BEAL , harness, bag, check out all the equipment needed to make progress on the paths safely. Learn more


To go still higher, to climb the cliffs and overcome, the trade mark BEAL has responded to the demands of the practitioners of climbing. Founded in 1950 in the heart of the Isère river, this family-owned company is specialized in the manufacture of climbing ropes. In its beginnings, BEAL products, laces and cords for anoraks, it will slowly move towards equipment for outdoor activities after having participated in the Salon of the Mountain to Grenoble, france, in 1975. In collaboration with Yannick Lord, great climber and French, the mark BEAL is going to create climbing ropes. Participating in the development of the brand as a professional, advisor and tester, Yannick Lord contributes to the reputation of BEAL. Using the pioneer of free climbing Patrick Edlinger, the brand firm will become the n°1 in the world in the manufacture of ropes of mountain and rock climbing since 1986.

It will be necessary to wait until the 2000s to see the company diversify with the creation of a safety and robust techniques. Linking innovations, mark BEAL, increase durability, impermeability and the quality of its products. BEAL is a family company, and above all a collaboration of enthusiasts of outdoor activities, listening to the needs of practitioners and striving for excellence in the creation of equipment.


Essential for progress in all safety on a route, the climbing rope is an integral part of the equipment of the climber. Real technological revolutions in the vertical middle, the ropes BEAL assure the safety of the climber while giving confidence and serenity on the way.

The rope BEAL STINGER is intended for all climbers to the top level. This single rope designed for climbing on a single strand has been designed to connect the hard ways. Ultra resistant to abrasion, it offers safety, fluidity and lightness for easier handling. The rope BEAL KARMA , also single rope, designed for climbers in a cliff and sport climbing. Excellent balance of finesse and control, it will allow climbers to scale with confidence and improve their performance. With a good grip, it is a multi-purpose rope durable and robust. And to carry those ropes safely, check out the rope bag BEAL COMBI. Very comfortable thanks to its padded shoulder straps and a wide opening, don't waste a second !

Equipment essential to climbing safely, the harness is an essential element to the discipline. The harness BEAL SHADOW will appeal to climbers of good level to the search of lightness and comfort. Adapting to all morphologies, it will offer you a unique experience of climbing while maximizing the sensations to the vertical. For climbers, the harness BEAL VENUS is a blend of technicality and aesthetics. With the Web technology-Core, it effectively distribute pressure for improved comfort.

No matter what your climbing, check out the equipment of the leading brand in the manufacture of ropes !