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To escape, to recharge your batteries, to discover new spots of powdery snow, go for rides, snowshoeing. Ideal for clearing the mind, go to the assault of the snow-capped peaks with snowshoes INOOK. French brand nestled in the heart of the French alps, INOOK you team and you accompany small and big to discover new sensations of winter. Learn more


In the winter, one appreciates more and more the walks in rackets, in particular for out of the traces. If in the original snowshoes were used for hunting, they are now become a true hobby for some and a sport for others. Relax in the middle of beautiful nature and landscapes-snow-capped, creating its own footprints in a virgin. In addition, the walks with snowshoes are excellent for the health. This is an excellent exercise to work the breath, gain endurance, and improve its capacity in the heart.

For all the lovers of the walks in the powder, for all lovers of the great outdoors and snowy, for all lovers of explorations in nature, check out the snowshoes INOOK.


INOOK, singular name of the inuit, is a brand nestled in the heart of the French alps. Created in the 90's, she has specialized in the design of snowshoes for children and adults. So that everyone can enjoy the pleasure of hiking, INOOK designs of snowshoes with intuitive, comfortable and technical for all the family, boosting the number of practitioners in recent years.

Because there is no age to discover the delights of a ride in powder snow, INOOK has created bats for the young explorers. The snowshoes child INOOK E-GLOO and E-MOOM have been designed to combine security, comfort and discovery. Easy to slip on, they offer a good hold of the foot and a fastener that is optimal for exploring the snow.

The snowshoe ODALYS are aimed at the small and medium templates. Lightweight and comfortable, they are valued for their setting intuitive, excellent grip, as well as for their wedge mounted automatic. In fact, with five teeth at the front, they will help you tackle any terrain. With the help of your stick, change the position for the ascent as for the descent !

Flagship model of the brand INOOK, snowshoes ODYSSEY were designed for persons from 45 to 120 kg. With a wedge of mounted automatic, to a system for the maintenance of the shoe as well as five claws on the front, nothing will stop you to reach the snow-capped peaks.