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Passionate about outdoor and explorations, the Italian brand FERRINO has been based in the heart of Piedmont. Manufacturing for more than a century of technical products for the life in full nature, FERRINO has never ceased to innovate and equip greatest mountain climbers. Today, it remains a brand of reference in the market of the outdoor, for amateurs as for professionals. Check out the backpacks backpacking FERRINO for your next excursion. Learn more


It is in the heart of Piedmont, in Turin in 1870 that it all begins. Cesare Ferrino, which is the time a paint store decides to revolutionize the textile market by introducing the waterproofing clothing. The company FERRINO gaining notoriety and team explorers and mountaineers, and going up to boost the automotive sector with the manufacturing of the “hoods” waterproof. The beginning of the twenty-first century is marked by the legendary ascents and FERRINO will contribute to these achievements with the creation of camping tents. In the course of the century, the Italian brand continues its innovations with tents always more solid resistant to the most extreme conditions. The hippie culture of the 60s calling for freedom and a simpler way of life will make FERRINO the reference brand in the outdoor life.

Of the greatest mountaineers, lovers of nature, the products of the brand FERRINO have accompanied several generations. Professionals or lovers of the outdoor, all of them have succumbed to the latest innovations in tents and sleeping bags of the Italian brand. Today, FERRINO is present on the market of theequipment outdoor but also the technical textile. Equipping the world's great explorers, it has built its reputation on its willingness to explore every corner of the planet while resisting the most extreme conditions. To meet the requirements of each, FERRINO wind of freedom and adventure on the market of outdoor, and with each dreamer and adventurer in their quest of exploration. Check out all the accessories camping, the backpacks for backpacking FERRINO and other camping equipment !


Whatever your destination, your goal or your adventure, the products FERRINO meet each of your expectations and your needs.

Recommended for trekking and bivouacs improvised, the tent FERRINO GOBI 3 is designed to withstand three seasons. Fully waterproof, it ensures a ventilation continuously to maintain a high level of comfort. As to the tent FERRINO NEMESI, it is treated anti-fire and provides a small footprint to optimize the transport. Thanks to its screen and its multi storage capacity, it effectively protects from external conditions.

For the adventurers in the most demanding, check out the sleeping bag FERRINO LIGHTECH 1000 protecting up to -23°C., Providing a great insulation, its 3D shape guarantee optimal comfort. For campsites the more traditional, down FERRINO SLEEPINGBAG TRAVEL 200 appropriate as well as coverage. Designed for outings of summer, it is very comfortable and limit the entry of air.

The slopes of the mountains are more or less oriented to the sun and the weather is quickly changing in altitude. This is why it is important when you go hiking on one or more to carry with you rain gear. The rain cape FERRINO PONCHO TREKKER fits easily in your bag. Real barrier against the moisture, it wicks away moisture while providing ventilation continues. As for the hiking pants FERRINO ZIP MOTION, it is worn over your clothes to protect you from conditions outside such as rain and wind.

To take away all this material, it is essential to be well equipped and to choose a good bag. The backpack FERRINO FINISTERRE bag is ergonomically very convenient to the mountain. Thanks to its many compartments, carry all your camping equipment, mountaineering or climbing. Ultra strong, the backpack FERRINO TRANSALP 60 will allow you to easily access your various accessories. In addition, thanks to its shoulder straps and ventilated back, offer you an amazing comfort when hiking.

Whatever your next adventure, equip you with high-quality products, manufactured by an Italian brand passionate about outdoor !