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Tear-proof, waterproof and breathable, find the flagship models of the 90s on our site. Jackets K-WAY brand, they are light and have been delivered to the taste of the day. Combining the vintage with the new technologies, K-WAY made are his grand return with quality models. But you can always wear it at the waist ! Learn more


Legendary brand in the years, K-WAY is back on the front of the fashion scene with her designs timeless. Its name, a nod to american fashion, has today become a generic name.

Created at the end of the 60s, K-WAY has its origins in the north of France. Created by Leon-Claude Duhamel a native of Nord-Pas-de-Calais, windproof K-WAY in nylon has revolutionized our daily lives. During the first year of launch in 1966, the brand flows more than 250 000 copies, K-WAY meeting a real success. But it is in the 80s that the K-WAY becomes a fashion icon, thanks in particular to Sophie Marceau who wears a model in the famous movie “La Boum”. Unfortunately, the mark weakens gradually and after the Olympic Games of Albertville in 1992, the manufacturing plant will fire, leaving nothing behind it.

And for your winter days, opt for the JACQUES THERMO PLUS DOUBLE K-WAY down jacket. Reversible, it offers excellent waterproofness and breathability throughout the day. Thanks to its breathable and water-repellent quilted part, it creates a barrier against the natural elements. 

It is at the beginning of the years 2000 that the brand is reborn from its ashes thanks to the Italian group Basic Net, who bought the brand. Remaining convinced of the large potential of its models, the group will return to the taste of the day the wind. The 2010s are going to participate in the revival of the brand with the greatest designers that will appropriate models to bring a touch of chic.

Today, the windproof K-WAY is worn in the world. Shunned by the schoolchildren in the 80s, the models of the French brand are adulated by all, recognizing the resistance and the impermeability to any event. kway jackets are recognized on the textile market for their functionality and practicality. 


Tear-proof, waterproof and air-tight, the jackets K-WAY have come through the decades. Today, the models accumulate, and everyone pulled out.

The jacket THE TRUE CLAUDE 3.0 will be a must-have for your daily life. Flagship model of the brand, it comes with seams heat welded in order to guarantee you seamless protection. Waterproof, it offers perfect breathability, while leaving you free of your movements. Stay warm and dry with a windproof, easily packable in its banana ! Mixed, this women's kway and man will follow you in all your summer adventures. 

The JACQUES RIPSTOP is a blow-wind, waterproof and breathable lined in cotton thermal. Wearing, it goes perfectly with an outfit urban. Lightweight, wear-all year long without compromise with your style !

Design inspired by the models of the 90s, the jacket is THE TRUE REMAKE of RICHARD shows a touch of retro very on trend for this winter. Combining cotton and nylon, this jacket sign the great return of the legendary brand ! This k way man will protect you in bad weather without interfering with your style. 

And for the youngest ones, protect them from the rain with the K-WAY kid THE REAL KIDS KLAUDE 3.0 ! This iconic model has been designed for children without compromising on comfort. Whether you're looking for a women's, men's or children's kway, discover all our models available online. 

Reworked, models K-WAY have been handed over to the taste of the day. Offering the latest technologies of wind, they will be true allies against the weather. Light, colorful, functional, these jackets K-WAY vintage have evolved over decades to create a new identity.


A true accessory for the adventurer, the LE VRAI 3.0 PASCAL TAPE K-WAY bob hat won't leave you all summer long! Take full advantage of your outdoor activities with this light and very comfortable model. Highly breathable and windproof, it will protect you from the elements. And because the weather can change suddenly in the mountains, you will stay dry with this bobsleigh thanks to its thermo-welded seams. 

Finally, for your urban travels, adopt the vintage look of the LE VRAI 2.0 CHLOE K-WAY bag. Keep your belongings within reach thanks to the three ultra-resistant zipped pockets. Very light, it is very practical and functional and will follow you in all your summer adventures.  

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