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Specialized in manufacturing accessories sports outdoor, brand BRIKO created helmets for skiing and ski masks, in collaboration with the top athletes of international fame. Strong of its expertise and its technological innovations, the Italian brand combines simplicity, elegance and performance. Learn more

BRIKO : the know-how to Italian

Founded in 1985 by Alberto Brignone, Milan, the Italian brand BRIKO is specialized in the manufacturing of equipment for outdoor sports. His first experience lies in the design of wax intended for the athletes of the ski team in italy.

In 1988, BRIKO created the “black wax” that will make three Italian athletes conquer the podiums. At the end of the 80's, the company is diversifying to address the markets of accessories and sports equipment : helmets, glasses ... at the same time, Italian athletes participating in the communication and marketing of the products of the brand BRIKO. Since 1989, BRIKO attack the market of the optics, with the creation of lenses Thrama, which increases protection against UV. The 90's are going to be a succession of technological innovations for the brand BRIKO with masks and helmets used in skiing that will disrupt the equipment market for outdoor.

Today, the brand BRIKO continues to sponsor the ski teams but also for cycling. Thanks to its experience and its innovations, the brand has developed its reputation thanks to high-quality products and an undeniable expertise.

Helmets ski BRIKO : sober, elegant and powerful

By equipping athletes of international fame, BRIKO is today one of the brands that has invested the most in research and technological development. She is committed to the safety and performance of its athletes, the Italian brand has never ceased to develop innovative and effective solutions to assist them in their races. Bode Miller or Lindsey Vonn, of the high-level athletes were able to take advantage of the expertise of the brand by wearing helmets ski BRIKO.

Equipped with chin straps, the helmet-ski SLALOM USSA BRIKO combine design and performance. Worn by the ski team of the United States, they provide support and comfort during the race thanks to a ventilation system and optimal adjustment knob at the rear of the helmet.

The helmets of ski FAITO FISI, worn by the Italian ski federation are the result of the know-how of the brand. Their shells are the outer ABS effectively protect it from shocks while maintaining continuous ventilation for all-new experiences of glide, and increased performance.

For all the skiers in the grass, check out the ski helmet VULCANO RED BULL LINDSEY VONN FOUNDATION. Created in collaboration with RED BULL and the famous olympic champion, this limited edition is addressed to all skiers who wish to gain confidence, performance and courage. Because the ski racing allows you to express yourself, Lindsey Vonn wants to help the girls to “move mountains” and become proud of everything that they do.

BRIKO has also created a whole collection of ski masks in the optical to anticipate the reliefs and to gain visibility. The ski masks BRIKO LAVA 7.6 and screen valves are equipped with the best technologies. A mount that is both robust and flexible, impact resistant, and offer maximum comfort thanks to the triple density foam.

For your next race, go for the helmet of ski racing BRIKO and ski masks, combining Italian design and know-how of a brand passionate and dedicated to the protection of skiers.