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Created in the early 90's with the arrival of the practice of snowboarding, PROTEST is a mark involving several Dutch friends passionate about snow. Wishing to combine technology, fashion and trend, the ski clothes of the brand reflect a style of life. Learn more


The Dutch brand PROTEST has been founded in the early 1990's, following the arrival of the practice of snowboarding. Passionate snowboarders were then in search of clothes combining style, sophistication and a good quality/price ratio. They are then faced with a market of sports changing the face of snowboarding and the enthusiasm of a wide public to this sport. The need for materials is felt and thus new businesses have developed their offering to meet the demand.

The group of Dutch friends decided to launch on the market to create their own line of technical clothing. To differentiate and mark the spirits, they spend a lot of energy into marketing intelligence, and reflect upon an original collection, in line with the trends of the time. Little by little, the brand PROTEST has extended its range to several sports and in particular surfing. The brand will position itself as a reference in the sports, but also lifestyle brand.


Also nice to wear to go to school for the winter sports, the polar PROTEST for their child provides a look sportswear trendy. Ideal for a casual look, the children don't want more separate !

For the mid-season, the polar PROTEST are perfect as an outer layer, waiting for the winter days. In stretch fabric and breathable, they will follow each of their movements while assuring their effective removal of the moisture. This winter, they will be perfect under their ski jacket to keep them throughout the day.

Beside winter sports, the Dutch brand has created a lovely collection of ski pants and ski jackets with bold colors and original prints. The chlid ski jacket PROTEST JANETTE is not only very stylish but also light enough for the beautiful sunny days on the ski slopes. For boys, the HURBY will ensure them an excellent style for the future champions ! Warm and waterproof, they will follow them in all their adventures snowy.

Ski pants PROTEST will keep the kids warm and dry while following each of their movements without any discomfort. Breathable and waterproof, it wicks moisture away for maximum comfort and to boost their performance.


The brand PROTEST highlights the female this winter with the polar very stylish for a sport style with chic trend. The polar DONNELLY GROUND and its high collar is ultra-soft. In the first layer or the second layer, this fleece will be very nice to be following each of your movements.

The woman ski pant PROTEST will protect you effectively from the cold and snow with a stretch fabric to accompany you in the turns !

Today, the brand PROTEST is sponsoring more and more athletes and counts among its ranks Mirabelle Thovex or Yannick de Jagger, and it does not stop there !