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Created by a passionate snowboarder professional, Jussi Oksanen, mark MIZU reflects the deep values of the athlete and respect of the environment. In 2008, he decided to reduce the ecological footprint of men in the manufacture of bottles and flasks insulated , reusable and durable. Designed for all outdoor activities, they allow you to stay hydrated when you are while reducing waste. Learn more


Calling for freedom and the thirst for adventure, the brand MIZU wants to bring people closer to nature while reducing the ecological footprint. It was at a turn in Alaska that snowboarder professional, Jussi Oksanen realizes the impact of men on the environment. Surrounded by plastic bottles, he decides to remedy this problem and created the brand MIZU (which means ‘water’ in japanese). To ensure that the mountain remains a field of play without waste, MIZU offers bottles reusable, sustainable, and innovative ways to reduce waste. Very resistant, they are easily provoked during your excursions in full nature. Born of the covenant of the love for nature and respect for the environment, the brand MIZU is a real step forward for the future of our planet. Profoundly changing our way of life and our vision of the world, the bottles MIZU meet the needs of buffs, and outdoor.


The insulated water bottle MIZU V12 is made of stainless steel resistant to corrosion, rust and oxidation. With a double wall and a cap insulation with temperature control, this insulated water bottle MIZU keeps cool your favorite drinks as well as hot drinks. 100% recyclable and sustainable, it will be your best ally during your road trip.

The water bottle MIZU S4 cooler is manufactured without BPA in order to respect the environment but also your health. Ultra-light, it responds perfectly to the needs of athletes and enthusiasts of hiking, thanks to its double wall and its cap anti-leak.

As to the insulated water bottle MIZU V8, it is the ideal partner for your outdoor activities. Hiking, BIKING, skiing, she wins easily in all your travels. Ideal for adventurers, it resists the harshest weather extremes and keeps your drinks cool for 18 hours.

Finally, the glass folding MIZU SHOT GLASS will be essential for your next getaway in nature. Very practical, it folds and unfolds easily and enjoy your favourite drink without drinking to the bottle !