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Protecting from the sun, bad weather but also from glare, the trail cap is an essential accessory for the sportsman. Easy to carry, it stays in place while following the movements of the runners. Breathing, light and drying quickly, it contributes to the comfort and performance of the athlete.  Learn more


A guarantee of pleasure and comfort, the trail cap is very popular with sportsmen and women. Draining moisture, drying quickly and protecting from the sun and heat, this is a must-have for trail equipment. Participating in the rider's comfort but also in his performance, the trail cap is easily carried in the bag and folds in the blink of an eye. It can protect you from the vagaries of the weather but also from the glare that can alter your vision and prevent you from anticipating the terrain. 


The BUFF cap has an adjustable cord at the back to fit your head perfectly. Effectively evacuating perspiration, it is ultra-light and compact to take it on all your runs. The SALOMON running cap will be a real asset in your next sporting effort. Thanks to its AdvancedSkin material, it keeps your head cool and dry while protecting you from the sun's rays. The ARC'TERYX cap will be a real barrier against the sun and bad weather. Technical, light and elastic, it has a water-palling finish so that nothing stops you from running. Finally, the RAIDLIGHT cap and its stretch fabric will stay in place even when you move. Versatile, breathable and drying quickly, it will accompany you during all your outdoor activities.