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From the ascension of a summit, traverse a plain or browse through a desert of sporting experiences which will improvise not. The practice requires a high level of physical training to achieve this without risk of injury or accidents. But the preparation also requires a good equipment. Click here to see our range men's trail pants , a selection of articles at the cutting edge of technology to accompany the athletes in their everyday training. Learn more


The properties of the equipment of the athletes must always be at the cutting edge of technology. As for their users, the quest for improvement never stops. The brand specialized in the design of sportswear market each year new collections that have used different fabrics to enhance the experience of their users.

Discover in this section all equipment at the cutting edge of technology, dress and find the pants trail man or the pants running you need to push your limits. Unlock your potential. Our articles have been selected from among the latest models designed by the well-known brands and recognized in the sporting world.

Equipment used at the highest level of competition existing within the reach of all. Because we defend the idea that an athlete is animated by the will to surpass, regardless of its level and its conditions of practice of its discipline, as an amateur or in a professional setting. You also require the best equipment, thanks to our selection of models specially designed for athletes.


Hikers and trekking enthusiasts will appreciate without a doubt, the TREKKER STRETCH ZIP TARMAC developed by the brand MILLET. This pants trail man revolutionizing the practice of walking in mountain environments. With excellent resistance to abrasion, and an ergonomically cut, it is very comfortable to wear. A comfort that will allow you to extend your sessions of hiking easily. Designed with the Drynamic™, it guarantees you a feeling of freshness and softness on the skin and optimizes the ventilation and the evacuation of the sweat.

The tensile properties of the fabric used you can enjoy excellent mobility, perform all the movements that you want without any discomfort. Finally, the man trail pant walking instantly turns into shorts thanks to its zipper placed at the level of the knee. A simple, but revolutionary for all the hikers who practice during the summer season.

The followers of running unhesitatingly opt for the SALOMON running pant, a pants running fully zipped, ideal for warming up before a race or to train for the winter season or in the rain. It provides excellent protection against wind and the elements while being breathable.

Whether you're a fan of hiking or running, here you have the guarantee of finding the equipment to state of the art technology to fully exploit your potential in every workout. Require the best !