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An essential part of trail equipment , the women's trail t-shirt contributes to the athlete's comfort and performance. Removing moisture, it keeps the body cool and dry and reduces the risk of discomfort during movement. In any season, the t-shirt trail accompanies you during the sporting effort and helps you to exceed your limits.  Learn more


Running in total autonomy, trail running is a discipline that requires good physical condition and specific equipment in order to evolve in nature. The trail mixes the beauty of the landscapes, evolution on different types of terrain and surpassing oneself. Although the discipline has largely democratized, it remains very demanding in terms of equipment. Because the natural environment is diverse, practitioners face steep, unstable and uneven terrain. Mud, rocks, river, sand, no one escapes!

Both uphill and downhill, the trail offers incredible sensations and a unique sporting experience. But to overcome obstacles and multiply the gradients, nothing is left to chance. For your equipment, think of a trail backpack or belt, but also good women's trail shoes or trail poles to help you during the effort.


Made from recycled fabric, the PATAGONIA women's t-shirt will be ideal for your sports activities. This top eco-friendly technique offers good freedom of movement while maximizing the evacuation of moisture. Limiting odours, it also protects from UV rays to run with confidence this summer. The ADIDAS women's tank top is equipped with CLIMALITE technology to keep you dry and cool even in extreme weather conditions. Its sporty look will enhance your figure and accompany you during your next races. Designed for intense sports activities, the THE NORTH FACE women t-shirt is a real second skin. It removes moisture and regulates body temperature for maximum comfort throughout the effort. As for the Women's Trail T-shirt ODLO MC CERAMICOOL, it has UV protection so you don't have to suffer the heat during your summer sports activities. Ideal for trail running and running, it offers a feeling of freshness to boost your skills.